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Igniting brand integration opportunities for The Ultimate Braai Master

MediaHeads 360, a leading content marketing agency, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Trace Studios for the highly anticipated ninth season of The Ultimate Braai Master.
Igniting brand integration opportunities for The Ultimate Braai Master

The show is set to continue its legacy of sizzling success, captivating audiences with its fiery culinary challenges and cultural celebration of the beloved South African pastime: braai.

The upcoming season has secured its slot on eTV, airing from 5pm to 6pm every Sunday, ensuring a prime viewing experience for braai enthusiasts across the nation. Pre-production is set to kick off in January 2024, paving the way for an exhilarating on-screen experience by the end of April 2024 with the return of esteemed host Tapfuma Makina, accompanied by acclaimed chef judges Peter Goffe-Wood and Benny Masekwameng. Additionally, the show will be available on the eVOD streaming platform, providing flexibility and accessibility for a wider audience. Appetite for The Ultimate Braai Master has never been stronger with Free To Air, PayTV and Streamers in the discussion for future seasons.

Candy Dempers, managing director of MediaHeads 360, expressed her excitement about this collaboration, stating: "We are honoured to be the trusted partner chosen by Trace Studios for this exciting opportunity. The Ultimate Braai Master aligns perfectly with our vision of crafting unforgettable brand narratives that resonate with diverse audiences."

Trace Studios, the proud owner of The Ultimate Braai Master format and commercial rights, envisioned this concept to celebrate the rich cultural tapestry of South Africa, where braais and cooking with fires are a cherished tradition embedded in the nation's identity.

"We are very excited to be taking the next step in this format with Mediaheads360 as we seek to build a long-term partnership and ongoing commercial partnership in the brand licensing space with The Ultimate Braai Master. The format is currently being represented globally by Media Ranch to allow for an international version to be sold and produced in addition to Trace Studios selling the finished programme to broadcasters and streamers globally."

With eight successful seasons under its belt, including hosting on platforms like Netflix, The Ultimate Braai Master stands as a testament to its widespread popularity and enduring appeal. The upcoming season promises an even more immersive and engaging experience, making it an exceptional content integration opportunity for brands seeking to kindle a connection with their audience.

Why The Ultimate Braai Master presents an unmissable content integration opportunity for brands

For brands seeking to make a lasting impression and reach a diverse audience, The Ultimate Braai Master offers an exceptional content integration opportunity. The show's inherent celebration of South African culture through the 'art of braai' provides a unique platform for brands to authentically align with the nation's heritage.

In the world of advertising, where 85% of ads typically fall below the attention threshold [Cannes Lions Festival of creativity 2022, WARC], The Ultimate Braai Master stands as a beacon of engagement. Being scripted into this engaging, high dwell time environment ensures that your brand will not only seen but remembered.

Sponsorships within the show allow for amplified storytelling moments, creating an automatic response based on associated 'fame' or brand rub, as evidenced by research from IPSOS Global. TV has consistently maintained its position as the number one environment for ads that are not only considered entertaining but also memorable. This is attributed to the power of contextual integration or storyline integration, where TV promos seamlessly become part of a greater storyline. Research by Adnormal Behaviour (2022) and Ipsos/Thinkbox supports the effectiveness of this approach, showcasing the impact and potential of integrated storytelling within television advertising.

Unfortunately for marketers, ad skipping has become the new normal. On average, 42% skip ads on DSTV using the "fast forward" feature, and 35% pay a premium to avoid seeing ads. However, brand-integrated TV advertising offers a solution to this challenge – making your brand unskippable. Viewers won't want to skip or fast-forward through brand-integrated TV advertising, especially when your brand is seamlessly integrated into their favourite content, like The Ultimate Braai Master.

Integrated content offers extended exposure and multi-channel impact

Brand-integrated placements often extend beyond the initial broadcast or release of the content. Various opportunities to catch The Ultimate Braai Master across the eMedia network with additional social media exposure will mean that integrated placements will have a longer lifespan and reach a broader audience. Viewers may share or discuss the integrated content online, amplifying the brand's exposure and generating additional buzz and engagement.

Whether through subtle product placements, engaging challenges, or strategic brand partnerships, The Ultimate Braai Master offers a vibrant stage for brands to not only showcase their identity but also engage viewers in an authentic and immersive storytelling experience. This integration opportunity promises to elevate brand recognition, foster audience loyalty, and set brands apart in the competitive market landscape.

For further information on how brands can sizzle their story through integration opportunities, please contact MediaHeads 360 at az.oc.063sdaehaidem@olleh or get in touch with the sales director at az.oc.063sdaehaidem@nitsuj directly.

20 Oct 2023 09:46


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