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A campaign and a half: MediaHeads 360's impactful collaboration with Cadbury

A glass and a half of generosity

What is true generosity? Oprah's profound definition from struck a chord with me.
A campaign and a half: MediaHeads 360's impactful collaboration with Cadbury

She says that genuine generosity is not just an act; it's an act of courage. This sentiment lingered as I pondered over Cadbury's strategic shift in 2019, transitioning from the “Joy" to "Generosity" brand positioning. Scepticism crept in – do brands authentically embody their proclaimed values and purpose, or is it merely a facade to boost sales?

My scepticism dissipated as I delved into the history of Cadbury, founded by John Cadbury in 1824. Beyond profit margins, John's vision was rooted in community welfare. A man with a humanitarian spirit, he aspired to create wealth that would benefit his community. This revelation inspired a redesign that placed goodness at the core. Embracing John's belief that there's "a glass and a half of generosity in everyone," the brand aimed to embody true generosity – not just in abundance but in things that genuinely enrich others' lives. True generosity, I discovered, extends beyond material gifts. It involves heartfelt giving with the sincere intention to enhance the well-being of others. It's about sincerity and truly caring.

Campaigns that connect

The question remains, can a brand harness true generosity for the betterment of others and still make a difference to their bottom line? In the dynamic realm of advertising, I believe campaigns can have a transformative power, transcending mere promotion to leave an enduring mark on society. A compelling example of this potential unfolded in the recent collaboration between MediaHeads 360 and Mondelēz International SSA for Cadbury. It was more than marketing; it was showcasing remarkable acts of generosity. It shed light on the strength of unity during challenging times and underscored the innate generosity residing within all of us.

For years, MediaHeads 360 has been all about weaving magic with a creative flair and out-of-the-box solutions. The team that pours heart and soul into making campaigns and not just campaigns, but moments that stick with you. And you know what's the cherry on top? It's the real impact we've made in the lives of everyday South Africans. We have clients who've seen it, felt it, and vouched for it – the good vibes we bring to the table. So, when Mondelēz knocked on our door for a collaboration, they knew that we share the same heartbeat. Their campaign aligned perfectly with the beating heart of MediaHeads 360, and we dived into this partnership with the same passion and spirit that drives everything we do. It's not just business; it's about connecting, resonating, and stirring something inside you. We're not just telling stories; we're creating emotions and enabling purpose-led brands to create campaigns that is felt.

At MediaHeads 360, we were fortunate enough to have seats front and centre to two amazing campaigns showcasing this ‘glass and a half’ spirit: with the Cadbury Homegrown Stories and the Cadbury “Give a little thanks” challenge. Through their touching narratives, these campaigns and the Cadbury brand endeared themselves to us and audiences alike. They became a testament to the belief that generosity, when authentically expressed, possesses the power to create positive ripples that extend far beyond the confines of commercial interests.

A tale of generosity

Cadbury Homegrown Stories began two years ago when Cadbury Dairy Milk embarked on the long-term social mission to grow, co-author, distribute, and inspire relatable children's stories in all the 11 official South African languages. Fast forward to two years later, Cadbury wanted to take things a step further and reached out to us to find new ways to spread the generosity into the radio space.

Our mission in turn was to amplify Cadbury’s Generosity theme and make it memorable. Our solution was to weave the idea of generosity throughout every aspect of the campaign. In fact, we approached presenters to join the cause and commit to donating their voices to the wonderful local stories Cadbury had collected. They recorded some of the stories, shared it on-air and then encouraged listeners to donate their voices too by participating in Story Time Studio activations held in different cities.

The campaign highlighted the power of storytelling, emphasising the importance of Story Telling during school holidays and offered a bonding experience for kids and parents. Parents and kids engaged with the stories, downloading them from the Cadbury website to share and read along. MediaHeads 360 Sales Director, Justin Keats, noted the campaign's success in showcasing the impact of individual acts of generosity. “The campaign succeeded in exemplifying the profound impact of an individual's act of kindness through the act of donating their voice. This core message resonated strongly, serving as a testament to the power of collective goodwill," said Keats.

The campaign performed exceptionally well. Social media engagement reflected the uplifting nature of the campaign, with people sharing stories of how these tales, read by their favourite presenters, captivated both parent and child. This positive outcome indicated substantial exposure to the campaign on-air, with the audience encountering it at least 14 times during the 10-week period. Over ten weeks, it successfully reached a total of 14,495,000 people within the selected target audience.

From radio waves to TV screens

The success of the radio campaign led to the development of a TV campaign to continue supporting Cadbury’s Generosity theme but in an entirely different way.

The Cadbury’s festive Give A Little Thanks campaign extended a heartfelt invitation to South Africans, urging them to partake in fostering a spirit of kindness and generosity. They were invited to share how they’d like to give a little heartfelt thanks to someone generous for the chance to win the opportunity to do just that! Submissions poured from around the county and from the pool of entries, 10 fortunate winners had their acts of generosity immortalised in three-minute video segments.

For example, In the spirit of gratitude and generosity, individuals like Nichole Pepe express heartfelt appreciation to someone special, such as Lebo Mdlalana. Lebo, who left his role as a chef, embarked on a mission to establish an organisation. Recognising the crucial need for connection with the youth and kids in the community, he invests invaluable time and energy in providing them with a safe haven. Here, through avenues like drama, art, and dance, these children find not only an escape from potential troubles but also a platform to freely express themselves. Lebo's initiative becomes a beacon of hope in a landscape where children often find themselves overlooked, especially in matters of self-expression and purpose discovery. Through his efforts, he imparts life lessons, instilling in them the resilience to persevere even when faced with abandonment.

Similarly, the likes of Kgaugelo Nhone gave a little thanks to her husband William for his unwavering commitment to leadership within their family. Faced with the adversity of losing his welding job, William transformed this setback into an opportunity to ensure the well-being of his loved ones. Leveraging his skills, he cultivated a garden in their backyard to provide sustenance. Seeking additional avenues to support his family, William approached neighbours, offering to repair their appliances. Drawing on his welding expertise, he began crafting wheelbarrows from scratch and selling them. Through determination and resourcefulness, William not only makes ends meet but establishes a livelihood, all in the pursuit of providing for his family.

These impactful inserts resonated with over eight million viewers across diverse channels, including SABC, eTV, and Mzansi Magic DStv. The meticulously curated content beautifully conveyed heartfelt, feel-good stories of people helping others. It created a space where being generous is seen as a superhero move and highlighted its significance for every one of us. It showed that there’s a glass and a half in everyone. To see these heart-warming stories I talk about, follow this link

Exceeding limits

As Cadbury celebrates its 200th anniversary globally, the certainty prevails that they will persist in creating enduring moments of true generosity. Their consistent demonstration of care and commitment to impacting lives serves as a testament to their genuine ethos. Looking ahead, MediaHeads 360 eagerly anticipates the opportunity to craft more of these resonant moments to help contextualise Cadbury’s Glass and a half generosity positioning for South African consumers. Our commitment mirrors Cadbury's spirit, and we aspire to continue making a significant impact, much like the transformative experiences witnessed in these campaigns. As we celebrate Cadbury's rich history, we are fuelled with enthusiasm to contribute more chapters to their legacy of generosity in the years to come.

When discussing the campaigns with Monique Clark, business unit director at Starcom, she lauded the team's efforts stating that the experience exceeded their expectations. "Working with MediaHeads 360 has been an exceptional experience. Their team's dedication, professionalism, and expertise truly exceeded our expectations from the initial briefing to the final delivery," said Clark.

These campaigns exemplify the holistic approach at MediaHeads 360 - from development to strategy, marketing, implementation, and campaign tracking. It is a testament to the excellent relationships and unwavering commitment MediaHeads 360 has, to ensuring clients and media buyers not only get what they need but also witness extraordinary success with each campaign. This journey truly embodies the essence of 360 at MediaHeads 360, where every facet of campaign execution is meticulously crafted and executed to perfection.

31 Jan 2024 10:56


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