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Mic check, one two. Pushing record on production

Good campaigns are built on great stories, powerful ideas, integrated platforms, and efficient execution. Campaigns are what drive us at MediaHeads 360, and we've always been a business that looks to activate, captivate, and amplify your brand message.
Mic check, one two. Pushing record on production

Understanding the problem, crafting the solution, and executing campaigns, we work alongside agencies and clients to ensure the best possible platform, placement, and performance of your message!

As a team, we work tirelessly to take campaigns "off-mute," and part of our success is our turnkey approach to solving brand marketing and advertising needs. The ability to be agile throughout the campaign process remains key in ensuring each element is best made, placed, and executed. From scripts, briefing documents to airtime schedules, and production elements.

In the initial stages of campaign planning, it is easy to forget that the production value chain binds most of the elements together into the product that the audience sees or hears.

Very often, this essential service is outsourced to an external company or studio, who has very little context or understanding of the total campaign message. This often leads to delays in recordings, being off-brief, or simply interpreting the client's needs incorrectly. As part of our campaign service and offering, we include our production engineers in each step of the process.

From the beginning

At MediaHeads 360, our production team gets involved from the very beginning. The insight and input that the production team brings to the different stages of the campaign management process are invaluable. We are also acutely aware that it is in the production phase of the campaign value chain, that the pressure is on, and airtime deadlines are looming. It is here that the understanding and knowledge of our production team create synergy with media platforms and the campaign manager.

Being able to seamlessly create audio with an in-depth understanding of what it must achieve, not only saves time but it accentuates the recorded message with additional insight and nuance. For instance, by knowing what the major areas of focus are, and what the secondary areas of focus are, allows the production team to guide voice-over artists in a subtle way that punctuates the recording and the most important brand messaging elements.

The MediaHeads 360 production team operates out of a world-class facility that allows for remote access, intimate voice-over sessions, and lively drama recordings. Our interest in technology has seen us develop a robust system for mobile outside broadcasting, and we can bring audio alive from virtually any venue or setting that a campaign may require. Our studios allow us to network directly to other broadcast facilities and are also set up to create audio on demand and podcasting recordings.

Quality is non-negotiable in our production environment, and we believe it is important to work with like-minded individuals. Our network of voice artists and actors has been built over time, and we specialise in creating, recording, and editing in a variety of languages.

We often record and edit in the eleven official South African languages when working on a radio drama series for broadcast, and it is our ability, in studio, that allows the message and language to shine. From the writing of scripts, the direction of voice-overs, the recording of audio, and the final editing of the product, our team ensures the highest level of language integrity.

Full spectrum

Production is more than just recording, editing, and packaging. These are essential elements to deliver a finished product, but the layered understanding of audio branding and messaging that our team has acquired over time creates an unrivalled audio experience.

Great production facilities give life to scripts. They create multi-layered audio experiences. They use the full audio spectrum to amplify tone and inclination. They understand the value of pauses, knowing the weight of silence and when to break it. The MediaHeads 360 production team interprets written scripts with their acquired campaign knowledge and translates the scripts into an audio product that engages, informs, and entertains listeners.

Campaigns are driven by timelines, and these are often in flux or changing because of last-minute requests or schedule changes. A production facility needs to be able to react to last-minute requests to ensure an accurate audio message is created if scripts have been changed. The impact of loadshedding means that many high-end production facilities are left powerless for many hours in a day. With looming deadlines and final approvals, time is often of the essence.

MediaHeads 360 has not only invested at a studio level, but our teams also enjoy uninterrupted power and connectivity to deliver on our clients' briefs on time.

The rapidly changing consumption habits of audiences are something we are acutely aware of at MediaHeads 360. Traditional radio and TV platforms are being augmented and supplemented in a variety of different spaces and places. Our production team has always created with the platform in mind. Audio on radio and TV is different, and it needs to be created in a different way. The same can be said for new platforms and technology.

From podcasts to second streams, voice notes, and third-party audio, it is important to know how to work with and edit the audio for use in different spaces. As a naturally curious team, MediaHeads 360 is always experimenting with different formats, ideas, and audio options.

Good production creates clarity, imagery, and certainty for brand campaigns. Understanding how production fits into the advertising value cycle is an essential key to a campaign's success. In finding your brand story and learning to tell it effectively, you're better placed to engage audiences. By telling your story and amplifying it, using powerful production, you create memorable moments that activate and captivate the ears and hearts of consumers.

We'd love to help you take your next campaign "off-mute." Contact the MediaHeads 360 team, and let's hit the record button together.

5 Apr 2023 12:09


About Candy Dempers

Candy Dempers has loved all things media for twenty-three years. A sales and marketing specialist, her first love was radio and bringing brands and platforms together.