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MediaHeads 360 and Boston Media House launch bursary programme for future media pros

MediaHeads 360, a leading specialist media agency, is excited to announce the launch of a transformative bursary programme in partnership with Boston Media House. This collaboration aims to support aspiring media professionals in their educational journey and provide them with invaluable work experience opportunities. The bursary programme will not only alleviate financial burdens but also open doors to a promising career in the media industry.
MediaHeads 360 and Boston Media House launch bursary programme for future media pros

The MediaHeads 360 Bursary Programme offers exceptional third-year students an extraordinary opportunity to receive financial support towards their fees, along with the chance to gain practical work experience, and mentorship and potentially secure a paid 12-month internship with MediaHeads 360 in 2024.

The bursary programme also presents an exciting internship opportunity during holiday breaks, allowing students to gain hands-on experience at MediaHeads 360 or United Stations, a sister company and Media Sales House. This practical exposure will enhance their skills, knowledge and provide valuable insights into the industry

"As a forward-thinking media agency, we believe in investing in the future of young talent," said Candy Dempers, managing director of MediaHeads 360. "We understand the challenges students face, and through this bursary programme, we aim to provide financial relief and enable them to focus on their studies while preparing for a successful career in media."

By offering this full-circle approach, this programme will enhance the academic experience of Boston Media House students and open doors to exciting opportunities within the media industry. By collaborating with a leading media organisation, students gain first-hand knowledge of the industry's latest trends and practices, equipping them for successful careers in media and communications.

"We are delighted and immensely grateful for the invaluable support provided by MediaHeads 360 in sponsoring our students," expressed Carike Verbooy, academic head of Boston Media House. "The partnership between Boston Media House and MediaHeads 360 has truly made a significant impact on our educational programmes and the future of our students." Carike continued, emphasising the commendable commitment of MediaHeads 360 to fostering talent and investing in the next generation of media professionals.

Through the bursary programme, students will gain access to Boston Media House's cutting-edge resources, training by industry-experienced lecturers and media industry exposure that would have otherwise been beyond their reach.

"We deeply appreciate MediaHeads 360's dedication to nurturing talent and their belief in the potential of our students," said Verbooy. "Their investment in education is a testament to their commitment to making a positive difference in society. The impact of their sponsorship extends beyond the individual students to the broader media landscape, as these young professionals will go on to contribute to the industry's growth and innovation."

Verbooy continued, thanking MediaHeads 360 "On behalf of Boston Media House, we express our sincerest gratitude to MediaHeads 360 for their continued support and belief in our institution. Together, we are empowering the next generation of media professionals and revolutionising the media landscape. We look forward to the continued success of this partnership and the positive impact it will have on our students and the media industry as a whole."

MediaHeads 360 and Boston Media House are committed to empowering the next generation of media leaders and shaping the future of the industry. This partnership is a testament to their shared vision of fostering talent and making a positive impact.

2 Jun 2023 10:40