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#OrchidsandOnions: Looking good, family...
#OrchidsandOnions: Looking good, family...

People's cars: VW's advert continues the brand's fine tradition; This is your typical South African story; race and language are irrelevant...

Brendan SeeryBy Brendan Seery 25 May 2021

Image credit: Bram Van Oost on Unsplash.
Elon Musk says Netflix and YouTube are coming to Teslas

"Netflix and drive" might become a thing now that Elon Musk revealed upcoming support for the streaming service and YouTube on his Tesla vehicles...

Shereesa MoodleyBy Shereesa Moodley 31 Jul 2019

#BizTrends2019: The speed of culture
#BizTrends2019: The speed of culture

A lot happens in a year, and as our population and their access to the world and each other grows, our collective innovation and productivity will continue to grow exponentially, making each passing year increasingly dense with 'trends' and...

Yatish NarsiBy Yatish Narsi 22 Jan 2019

#StartupStory: Tech startup sets its sights on disrupting the local logistics sector
#StartupStory: Tech startup sets its sights on disrupting the local logistics sector

Arlax is a centralised B2B logistics marketplace with the aim to bridge the gap between suppliers and transporters...

Evan-Lee CourieBy Evan-Lee Courie 21 Jan 2019

#StartupStory: Meet Bunkr, your fuel wallet
#StartupStory: Meet Bunkr, your fuel wallet

The world, in general, is going through a fuel revolution...

Evan-Lee CourieBy Evan-Lee Courie 10 Dec 2018

Sebastian Brokmann, CEO of RentMyRide
#EntrepreneurMonth: RentMyRide owns the adventure

RentMyRide is empowering locals by giving them the tools for a low-touch small business and creating competition for conventional car rental companies...

Evan-Lee CourieBy Evan-Lee Courie 13 Nov 2018

Mobility and exponential technologies
Mobility and exponential technologies

It has been a long journey; one that started slowly and then accelerated at an exponential pace as we moved from the first wheel 5,000 years ago...

Simon CarpenterBy Simon Carpenter 18 Oct 2018

#AfricaMonth: How Africa's auto industry is faring on the digitisation front
#AfricaMonth: How Africa's auto industry is faring on the digitisation front

Digital transformation is affecting and reshaping the entire automotive business model - from design and production to distribution and retail. We find out more from Lee Naik, CEO of TransUnion...

Ilse van den BergBy Ilse Burger 1 Jun 2018

Michael Zahariev
#AfricaMonth: Tech in the African automotive market

The African continent is the last frontier for the global car sales industry. According to the 2015 International Organisation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers' report Vehicles in Use, an estimated 44.8 million cars were in use across the continent...

Michael ZaharievBy Michael Zahariev 8 May 2018

Image via Disrupt Africa
Rwanda's SafeMotos adds female moto-drivers to platform

Rwanda-based ride hailing startup SafeMotos is marking International Women's Day by adding the first three female moto-drivers to its network...

Tom JacksonBy Tom Jackson 8 Mar 2018

Game-changing trends for the manufacturing industry in 2018
Game-changing trends for the manufacturing industry in 2018

When you think 'IoT', is your first thought newly affordable, available sensors being added to products after they've been manufactured? If it is, well I believe 2018 will change that...

Antony BourneBy Antony Bourne 5 Feb 2018

Alan Knott-Craig
#EntrepreneurMonth: If you can sell your first startup, sell it

Us humans have a heuristic bias to sell our winners and hold onto our losers. That's not the way to build wealth. Better to hang onto your winners and cut your losers loose...

Alan Knott-CraigBy Alan Knott-Craig 18 Oct 2017

Photo by Julian Klumpers on Unsplash
Why the possibilities of connected cars are endless

With Gartner predicting that 64 million connected cars will be shipped globally in 2020, the question remains as to what the potentials of autonomous vehicles are...

Sven HammarBy Sven Hammar 9 Oct 2017

Photo by Gleb Kozenko via Unsplash
#InnovationMonth: How AI will change the automotive game for the better

As the “fourth industrial revolution”, championed by the World Economic Forum's Klaus Schwab, gains momentum, it's thrilling to anticipate what this means for the automotive industry - and as a result, cities of the future...

Trevor HillBy Trevor Hill 11 Sep 2017

Driving Impression: Hyundai Elantra 1.6 TGDI Elite DCT Sport
Driving Impression: Hyundai Elantra 1.6 TGDI Elite DCT Sport

I remember finding the Elantra a little bland. They were good, solid cars - but entertaining to drive? Hardly...

Ané TheronBy Ané Theron 13 Jun 2017

Ryan Bax
#AfricaMonth: The fast-growing, untapped African car market

In light of the recent study, Game-changing Automotive Policy Developments in Africa, we chat to Ryan Bax, senior industry analyst for mobility and automotive at Frost & Sullivan, to find out more about the fast-growing, untapped African car...

Ilse van den BergBy Ilse Burger 11 May 2017

Mike Whitfield
Want to become a winning auto company in Africa? Here's how

Almost four years after Nissan ventured into auto assembly in Nigeria, it fills me with pride when I comment on our success as an auto company operating in Africa...

Mike WhitfieldBy Mike Whitfield 20 Apr 2017

Tesla now worth more than 100-year-old Ford
Tesla now worth more than 100-year-old Ford

NEWSWATCH: Last week saw Elon Musk's clean transportation and power company, Tesla, reach $298.56 in Nasdaq trading (a 7.3% increase)...

Ilse van den BergBy Ilse Burger 4 Apr 2017

Healthy gain in vehicle exports

While August and year-to-date local sales of new vehicles continued their negative trend, exports picked up speed to record a gain 18.5% compared to the same month last year.

Henrie GeyserBy Henrie Geyser 9 Sep 2014

Independents are fuelling Africa
Independents are fuelling Africa

Independent petrol retailers are making impressive gains across Africa, presenting a challenge to franchise operators for oil giants that have monopolised the continent's markets for decades.

John HarveyBy John Harvey 14 Jul 2014

Douglas Kruger
Seven stages in becoming an industry expert

From Amoeba to Icon; where do you currently rank in your industry's natural progression? In this piece, I walk you through the seven stages of development as you strive to position yourself as an industry expert. [video]

Douglas KrugerBy Douglas Kruger 13 Apr 2013

Johan Botes
Top 10 New Year's resolutions for employers

Here are some resolutions for 2013 for you that you, as an employer, may well find useful. Get them right now - and avoid any unpleasant surprises during the year.

Johan BotesBy Johan Botes 31 Dec 2012

Gregory Gondwe
CFAO Malawi markets new Nissan brand

One of Malawi's motor vehicle franchise dealers, CFAO Malawi last week started marketing the all-new Nissan Navara pick-up, which is expected to pile pressure on other pick-up vehicle dealers.

Gregory GondweBy Gregory Gondwe 6 Aug 2008

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