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#BehindtheSelfie with... Atisha Gopichund, techno marketing director at Saint-Gobain

This week, we go behind the selfie with Atisha Gopichund-Lutchman, techno marketing director at Saint-Gobain sub-Saharan Africa.

Gopichund captions her #BehindtheSelfie feature as follows: ”What I love about my job is that we can innovate and introduce new products and technologies that improve daily life.”
Gopichund captions her #BehindtheSelfie feature as follows: ”What I love about my job is that we can innovate and introduce new products and technologies that improve daily life.”

1. Where do you live, work and play?

I was born and raised in Durban, but for about the last 16 years have lived and worked mostly in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs.

Every so often, I put on my safety shoes, hard hat and high-viz vest (safety first!) to visit our different manufacturing sites sprawled across various locations further east of JHB.

2. What’s your claim to fame?

Of interest, I have a Masters in civil engineering: Storm water management, but I found my niche in techno marketing. I’m responsible for market analytics, technology, product, technical and sectoral developments related to building materials and the built environment.

3. Describe your career so far.

I have been in the building manufacturing industry for over a decade. My studies and career started in civil engineering, with work experience in designing and supervising the construction of roads, buildings and water supply.

In my current capacity as techno marketing director for Saint-Gobain sub-Saharan Africa, I was recently appointed to the board of directors for the region.

I am responsible for assessing and formulating growth strategies and creating business opportunities by cross-linking markets, solutions and technologies.

4. Tell us a few of your favourite things.

New experiences with my family and the simple pleasures of good food and good company. I also cherish my personal reflection time.

5. What do you love about your industry?

Simply put… We make living, working and play spaces better! I love that we can innovate and introduce new products and technologies that improve daily life.

6. Describe your average workday, if such a thing exists.

Daily operational-type meetings, emails, briefs, presentations, reporting and multiple conversations.

7. What are the tools of your trade?

A positive can-do spirit and my team.

8. Who is getting it right in your industry?

Generally, the industry is tough and what’s key is to remain relevant. Different ways of doing things are appropriate for different people.

9. List a few pain points the industry can improve on.

Diversity, skills, retention of good people, continuous professional development and focus on ALL quotients – SQ+EQ+IQ+PQ = SUCCESS.

10. What are you working on right now?

Multiple product developments and enhancements, retail and brand campaigns, customer events, targeted digital initiatives.

11. Tell us some of the buzzwords floating around in your industry at the moment, and some of the catchphrases you utter yourself.

  • Build clever
  • Time is money
  • 12. Where and when do you have your best ideas?

    When I am out of the office environment. Usually during an evening walk, in the shower, over weekends. I guess when my brain isn’t feeling the pressure!

    13. What’s your secret talent/party trick?

    Hmm, no known party tricks…

    14. Are you a technophobe or a technophile?

    Technophile! I’m up for any form of tech that can make life easier and increase productivity.

    15. What would we find if we scrolled through your phone?

    Family pictures, construction of buildings, product images, home décor and interior pics.

    16. What advice would you give to newbies hoping to crack into the industry?

    You are solely able to define your journey and destination (career, life, family, relationships).

    Set goals, big ones!

    Simple as that. Follow Gopichund on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; and follow Saint-Gobain on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds as well as their YouTube channel for the latest updates.

    *Interviewed by Leigh Andrews.

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