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[IAB Digital Summit 2016] Be mobile centric

This year is seeing big changes in online marketing and one such change is marketing automation. "This is changing the online landscape and so it is getting a lot of attention," says Sylvain Gross, Public-Ideas' co-founder and CEO, and a speaker at the recent IAB Summit held at The Forum, in Johannesburg.


he reason for the attention is that automation requires a very different perspective to that through which we view traditional marketing. “In the traditional space, marketers bought an audience. This is completely different as it allows you to interact with the right audience with the right message - and creativity of the message - can be fitted to the audience. It increases the possibilities.”

Marketing automation is relativity new in South Africa, but mobile is not. Brands need to realise mobile is now the key point to get in touch with their target, he says. “Brands need to understand that the mobile is not a device and stop focusing on the technology - that is how they still think - and view it as a relationship with the user.

The mobile should be viewed as one of many screens, all of which can be used to provide a smooth user experience by providing good interaction between the one screen and the other screen. Not that that is easy, he says, adding that to only go mobile and forget the other screen would be foolish.

Africa is a mobile first continent and in this respect it is ahead of Europe. However, every country is different and so the adoption of mobile varies. Despite this the global trend is mobile and it is where we will all end up regardless of these differences and local trends. “Being mobile centric is a good opportunity for everyone,” he says.

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