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#BizTrends2018: Six food trends for 2018

The trend is still leaning to eating light and healthily, diners want to know the source of their food (farm to table is still very popular) and they are also considering eat-in options where they enjoy the best of both worlds by ordering their favourite dishes from their preferred restaurants.
Chef Janine Fourie discusses her top six food trends for 2018 below:

#BizTrends2018: Six food trends for 2018

International cuisine

Culinary influences from Asian islands such as Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia will gain momentum. The sour, bitter and aromatic flavour profiles from these countries take their influence from Europe and Asia making them both familiar and exotic. There will also be an increase in Indian street food. This will be more paired down food but it will not compromise the flavour that Indian food is known for.

Creative food combinations

Ever-evolving scientific analysis and laboratory testing is creating new flavours and foods through intense tasting, research and development. Chefs are even creating hybrid foods using creative combinations. Think Turducken for when you're craving turkey, duck and chicken all at one time or a waffogato, a breakfast-themed take on the Italian dessert of ice cream topped with espresso.

Restaurants will accommodate consumer demand

For those individuals who want a variety of options supplied to them, restaurants will accommodate this demand by providing travel-friendly fare. Apps such as UberEats allows an individual to scroll through a feed of hundreds of restaurants. Diners can look for a particular cuisine or restaurant and once they have found something that satisfies their cravings, they simply tap and add it to their cart and the meal is ready for delivery.

Food and technology

2018 will see more technology and fun being brought into food. An example of this is having a screen projector on a diner’s plate. This projector plays a small video that demonstrates how the chef prepares the food before the diner actually receives the dish, making the dining experience more interactive as diners discuss the dish with each other.

Meal replacements

As people’s workload demands increase, they will rely more heavily on a protein shake to help get them through the day. In 2018, healthy food companies will release user-friendly, high protein and fibre drinks that will target people on the go.

The power of purple

Vibrant colour is the order of the day for 2018 and purple food is on the up! This goes beyond purple sweet potato or acai; purple will trend in ice cream, cupcakes and edible flowers.

Changing trends, driven by the economy, consumer behaviour and demands, keeps restaurateurs on their toes to be creative and on top of their game. Socialising and celebrating with food is always a treat and it is up to the hospitality industry to provide diners with various and imaginative options that keeps them coming back for more.

About Janine Fourie

Chef Janine Fourie is the head chef at Big Easy Winebar & Grill in Durban.

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