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    Sanlam launches TV game show to empower South Africans financially

    The Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show, which premieres on 3 April on at 6PM, is acreative initiative from Sanlam aimed at using engaging, creative initiatives to help South Africans better manage their finances.
    Nicolette Mashile and Tyson Ngubeni host the Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show
    Nicolette Mashile and Tyson Ngubeni host the Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show

    Audiences can expect endearing hosts, relatable contestants, big names competing for charity and tons of great content, drama and fun during the show’s 13 episode run.

    What sets the show apart is its higher purpose. With South Africans among the worst savers in the world, the show’s out-the-box format helps educate about money skills and grow financial confidence.

    Sydney Mbhele, chief executive of brand at Sanlam, says the group consistently uses the ‘currency’ of creativity to better the financial prospects of families and individuals. “Over the years we have dedicated large portions of our annual marketing spend to the production of innovative initiatives that engage people in a way that is novel and empowering.
    One of the biggest challenges in financial education is finding ways to deliver messaging that is relatable and uncomplicated. We believe using a TV game show format will be as entertaining as it is empowering.
    Sanlam Moola-Money predecessors include One Rand Man, Conspicuous Savers, and Uk’shona Kwelanga (a WhatsApp soap series).

    Sanlam partnered with Universal Productions for the show’s production alongside long-term strategic and creative partner, the King James Group. In every episode, two families will go head-to-head to answer finance-related questions on areas where many have blind spots; financial planning, debt, budgeting, insurance, investing, retirement, buying a house, buying a car and many more.

    Ultimately, as with all Sanlam’s creative campaigns to date, the goal is to instil confidence. Mbhele concludes, “Each one of our financial literacy campaigns has aimed to inspire people to take control of their money. It’s about fostering the financial confidence to go after the goals that matter to you. To have a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity. We believe that how people feel about their finances drives how they act. And these actions have a profound impact on how prosperously and securely they can live their lives.”

    Sanlam Moola-Money will be hosted by Tyson Ngubeni, the comedian who became a household name during lockdown, and Nicolette Mashile, author and passionate advocator for financial success. Big names who will appear on the show include TT Mbha, Boity, two members of Good Luck and Shane Durrant of Desmond and the Tutus, with his wife, Angie Durrant.

    Sanlam Moola-Money airs on 3 April at 6PM on

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