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#LoeriesBrandRankings: The fire and spice of Joe Public's Chicken Licken work

The Chicken Licken-Joe Public United working relationship has proven its effectiveness again, as Chicken Licken slid into second in the latest Loeries Rankings and Joe Public United taking top overall ranking by agency for the entire Africa and Middle East region. Xolisa Dyeshana, CCO at Joe Public United and Chantal Sombonos-Van Tonder, MD of Chicken Licken, explain the fire and spice of their work together.
Joe Public United, on stage at Loeries 2018 after their 'Agency of the Year' win.
Joe Public United, on stage at Loeries 2018 after their 'Agency of the Year' win.

Ever wondered about the work that goes into a successful ad agency-marketing brand relationship? Who better to ask than those behind the work that saw Chicken Licken slide(r) into second spot of this year’s Loeries Rankings table?

Not only that – Joe Public United also topped the SA agency ranking table, the table for large agencies with 85+ employees, with Dyeshana himself in second spot on the chief creative officer (CCO) table – with only fellow Joe Pepe Marais above him. As for Sombonos-Van Tonder, she placed fifth in the brand representative table.

Spicy stuff! Here, Dyeshana and Sombonos-Van Tonder share the behind-the-scenes work that resulted in their rankings, as well as how to keep that working relationship running smoothly, and the industry relationship they personally admire…

BizcommunityCongrats on your excellent brand ranking at the Loeries this year! Talk us through how you claimed that spot.

Dyeshana: This year, we set ourselves a challenge and we managed to successfully bring home 30 Loeries, of which 17 were awarded for Chicken Licken work alone. At 56%, this is a fantastic validation of the agency’s ability to deliver creative excellence for our client.

These accolades, along with the coveted Agency of the Year award, are the result of Joe Public United’s constant drive to do better than their best, and then better still, year after year.

BizcommunityDefinitely. Your work together has done well throughout the year. Share a few of your other accolades.

Dyeshana: We have also picked up peer-evaluated work from the monthly Creative Circle Awards to the IAB Bookmarks, Ciclope Awards, Loeries Awards, Pendorings and, most importantly, a Cannes Lion Bronze Craft in the Film category – a notoriously difficult category to win in.

We are proud of the work we have delivered and been recognised for.

BizcommunityUnderstandably so. There’s no denying the client-agency relationship is an important factor in getting out work that works. Comment on your working relationship together and how you keep things running smoothly.

Sombonos-Van Tonder: The working relationship is not necessarily a new one for our industry, as we are going into our third year together. It was a somewhat smooth transition, having our account lead move agencies with us, and thus inducting and settling the account accordingly.

The long-term investment and commitment from the agency is clear and, having established a trustworthy relationship, it definitely sets the precedent for a smoother way of working.

BizcommunityAdvice on what brands and agencies alike can do to ensure a better working relationship?

Sombonos-Van Tonder: These relationships excel where there is trust, respect and mutual understanding of what each party can bring to the table.

Brands need agencies as much as agencies need brands. Keeping things simple and not overcomplicating the process also assists with achieving great work for both partners.

BizcommunityLet’s end by spreading more love: Which ‘industry relationship’ do you most admire, and why?

Dyeshana: VW and Ogilvy Cape Town. This is probably one of the longest-running relationships in SA, and they constantly do good work that is entertaining and engaging.

One gets the sense that the agency and the client share a vision and a passion for breakthrough communication. Paralleling this is why our agency partnership with Chicken Licken thrives, by sharing a deep mutual respect, which ultimately serves the work and the brand, and delivers on creative excellence and growth for our client.

There’s definitely a special magic that comes from working well together. See some of that award-winning work below, click through to our Loeries special section for more, and follow Joe Public United and ‏Chicken Licken on Twitter for the latest updates.

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