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ACA stands up for freedom of expression

"The Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA) is deeply concerned about the attempt on the part of government to restrict freedom of expression, as well as our freedom of commercial speech." So said Odette Roper, CEO of the ACA, in a statement released yesterday, Tuesday, 31 August 2010.
ACA stands up for freedom of expression
"We believe that the free flow of information and opinion is a cornerstone of a free and democratic society. We therefore urge the government to reconsider its position in regard to the Media Appeals Tribunal and the Protection of Information Bill.

"These attempts to control the flow of information are not in the public interest," concluded Roper.

Also released yesterday was a statement by Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, the archbishop of Durban and spokesman for the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference (SACBC), expressing its "serious concerns about the wisdom and the constitutionality of the Protection of Information Bill currently before Parliament, as well as about the need for the establishment of a media appeals tribunal".

To read the full statement, go to the SACBC site.

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