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Table Bay Mall opens The Fashion Cube to promote small SA fashion brands

The Table Bay Mall in Cape Town recently launched The Fashion Cube, a new retail attraction created to showcase local fashion from small businesses.

Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied

The 360m2 space makes it easy for the mall's visitors to support the local fashion industry, particularly ahead of the festive season.

“The launch of The Fashion Cube is an exciting development for us, reaffirming our commitment to helping small local businesses grow and thrive,” says Rian Thompson, centre manager of Table Bay Mall.

“We’re extremely proud of this very special space. Not only does it create a showcase for local retailers in the fashion space; because many of these retailers use local manufacturers in the making of their wares, The Fashion Cube is also playing a role in stimulating the local economy,” he adds.

Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied

The Fashion Cube presents a number of different retailers, offering shoppers a wide choice of fashion and accessories, from leatherware, swimwear, knitwear, and clothing for babies and children, with renowned brands including the likes of Leigh Schubert and Dr Pachanga.

The range makes The Fashion Cube an ideal shopping destination for the growing number of South Africans who are eager to move away from fast fashion and make more sustainable fashion choices. It’s also the first stop for consumers who want to wear local, and are proud of supporting South African designers.

Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied

Interior design

The Fashion Cube was designed to hold a mirror to its environment. As a result, the space reflects the design of Table Bay Mall itself, which draws inspiration from its marine setting.

Architect Bryce Henderson has added several references to the sea; for example, the ceiling is reminiscent of the flow and motion of a coral reef. This effect was achieved by suspending fabric drapes from the ceiling, which enhances the flow through the space.

Lighting was also inspired by the ocean, this time, taking a cue from a deep-sea fish, while the colour palette is yet another element paying tribute to all things aquatic. The soothing semi-neutral colours, which echo coral and other marine plant life, create a backdrop for colourful items that may be displayed by vendors.

Promoting small business

The Fashion Cube is the latest addition to Table Bay Mall’s Cube Collection, which also includes the Food Cube and the Creative Cube. Together, the Cube Collection sets the stage for the mall’s involvement in supporting small local businesses by providing a space where their offerings may take centre stage.

“It’s a real privilege to be able to support small businesses in this manner,” Thomspon states.

“While we’re honoured to give entrepreneurs the opportunity they deserve, we’re also proud to be nurturing the incredible talent and skill that’s so richly present in South Africa. The fashion space is especially exciting in this regard, and we’re delighted to give our shoppers more choice, a greater range and a chance to get behind our local designers,” he concludes.

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