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Creative, tech and insights at the IMC Conference

From creativity, to tech to marketing research, the IMC Conference will deliver it all. Our speakers hail from these three fields to deliver their views on what the future holds. They will condense years' worth of learnings into one mind altering exhibition of ideas.
Abey Mokgwatsane
Abey Mokgwatsane
Boniswa Pezisa
Boniswa Pezisa
Brett StClair
Brett StClair
Gerrit Bus
Gerrit Bus

In creativity we’ll delve into big idea creation, making it scalable and executing it with the right partners. Touching on the do’s and don’ts in effective campaign management and finding the right disciplines.

Technology, which seems to be the most popular topic in this year’s event, will look at AI and disruptive technologies. Our guest speaker, Gerrit Bus, from IBM MEA, will give our attendees a glimpse into the strides they are making in cognitive technologies.

Then finally, we’ll hear from two fascinating case studies on lower and middle income groups and gender neutral marketing, bringing the conversation back to the consumer and how to occupy their attention to bring value to their lives.

To summarise, see all our speakers and their topics here:

  • Matthew Barclay - Meltwater - Tools of Tomorrow’s Marketer: Automated Anomaly Detection in Big Data
  • Valter Adão - Deloitte Digital Africa - The Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Justin Spratt - Uber - Sub-Saharan Africa - Seeing Around Corners - Tech Trends in Africa
  • Brett StClair - ABSA - One click to sell anything
  • Boniswa Pezisa - BBDO South Africa - Big Ideas Will Always Drive Brand Salience at Scale
  • Gerrit Bus - IBM MEA - Redefining Customer Engagement in the Cognitive Era
  • Abey Mokgwatsane - Ogilvy South Africa - Becoming Artificially Intelligent
  • Fran Luckin - Grey South Africa - You Know That Thing You Just Did? Don’t Do It Again.
  • Gillian Rightford - Adtherapy - The creative tap: Is it open or closed?
  • Lebo Motshegoa - Foshizi - Money Matters
  • Jess Jorgensen & Dali Tembo - Instant Grass International - Gender Neutral Marketing

At the end of this exciting day, all our guests are invited to our networking session where they can share ideas with like-minded peers in one of the most creative environments set in Cape Town.

For more information on booking details, visit or call (021) 180 4111.

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