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A fruitful partnership between merSETA and The Standard Bank Top Women Conference

Topco Media is proud to announce that they partnered with merSETA for the 18th annual Standard Bank Top Women Conference, which took place on 6 and 7 October 2021. The Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority (merSETA) is one of 21 SETAs established to promote skills development in terms of the Skills Development Act of 1998 (as amended). The 21 SETAs broadly reflect different sectors of the South African economy.
A fruitful partnership between merSETA and The Standard Bank Top Women Conference

The merSETA, like all SETAs, plays a central role in ensuring that the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) is fulfilled.

They do not train but facilitate the process of training by paying grants, registering moderators and assessors, identifying scarce and pivotal skills, accrediting providers, monitoring the quality of training and implementing projects to close the skills gap.

In line with their vision of being “Leaders in Closing the Skills Gap”, merSETA is leading in facilitating the training and the development of artisans and we are so thrilled to have had them on board as a sponsor for our this year’s conference!

An opportunity for collaboration

The Standard Bank Top Women Conference brings together a trusted network of over 10,000 women entrepreneurs and leaders who are embracing innovative gender empowerment strategies. The two-day virtual event offered public and private sectors tailored solutions, allowing delegates to engage in ‘brave conversations’ and learn from industry pioneers.

As a gold sponsor, merSETA hosted an informative and interactive panel discussion on education and skills development. The panelists included Disa Mjikeliso, Chief Financial Officer, Merseta; Eva Mwai, Regional Director for East Africa, Northstar Alliance; Nadia Vatalidis, VP People, and was moderated by Vuyolwethu Dubese. Disa Mijikeliso gave an in-depth view on how skills remain key to economic growth, business expansion and job creation. She provided insights on how enhancing the quality of education and skills development programmes mean more and better opportunities.

Top women together

Topco Media is pleased to have partnered with merSETA for this year’s Standard Bank Top Women Virtual conference and applauds the work that they do in the way of furthering education and skills development.

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