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Leaving a lasting impression

Planning and managing events involves research, management of resources and people; it means working for hours on-end assessing potential risks - which include weather issues, time constraints or even uninvited guests, so it's important to always have contingency plans in place.
If one hopes to make a success of any event, regardless of its magnitude, besides having all your ducks in a row, creativity is the most important part of the process of planning events.

Think outside the box

The ability to generate ideas, alternatives or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others is an essential ingredient of innovation. To some, the ability to think out of the box comes naturally, while for others it needs to be consistently harnessed. That is why team work is vital to provide support and input.

An event manager's level of creativity can determine whether the event is just alright - with all the lights and fittings in their expected spot, or mind-blowing - with musicians orbiting the room in giant bubbles or mini-air balloons cleverly suspended above a seating area. One would have to imagine it to see it.

In essence, creativity means going beyond the brief to satisfy the client by identifying opportunities, running with them and still being able to utilise all available resources within the budget.

Conventional becomes predictable

Tried and tested methods of planning and managing events can provide a safe and comfortable space that allows for the reproduction of conventional ideas.

Conventional is okay because it is safe, but it's not different, and over time can become predictable, boring and lacklustre. What remains is that an event manager is only as good as their last event and that is key to attracting prospective clients and retaining current ones.

South Africa offers a diverse landscape that is vibrant and quintessential - both of which should contribute to how we think about events...

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