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Plascon launches e-commerce platform for retailers, contractors

South African coatings company Plascon has launched a new B2B e-commerce platform, called Plascon Store, that's tailor-made for retailers and contractors. The company markets the new platform as "the coating industry's first-ever business-to-business e-commerce platform that streamlines trade retail".
Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied

Plascon’s retailers comprise leading hardware and home improvement stores such as Mica, Builders Warehouse, Buco and Makro, who then on-sell the brand to their own customers. They form a significant part of Plascon’s success as they stock its coatings, extending the brand’s distribution line and allowing wider accessibility of its products.

The Plascon Store was conceptualised and developed because Plascon wanted to improve existing communications with its existing retailers, as well as provide a digital-forward response to business dealings that was optimised for both the time of social distancing, and the future of commerce.

“The process of consulting and ordering can become quite laborious when exchanging documents and awaiting feedback from customer care agents. Lockdown regulations and the ongoing threat of further waves of Covid-19 means face-to-face meetings are no longer a viable option either,” comments Plascon’s head of marketing, Suvasin Moodley.

User experience

With a simple-to-navigate user experience, the online platform allows users to sign in, search for their desired products, calculate costs, upload files and make orders. Product categories include Decorative, Industrial, Automotive, Colourants, Exclusive Brands and Tint Products. Retailers are also able to search by SKU code to ensure accuracy. The new functionality is designed to fast-track supply and demand.

The world is becoming more digitally inclined by the day, and Plascon says it saw the value in this virtual shift, aiming to streamline communications where possible. The brand sees this digital extension as a means to save time, cut down on unnecessary back-and-forth, and create automation.

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