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Do you talk about great CX or do you do great CX?

We've all been there. That grudge payment we have to make. And on top of it, to make it, we need to go and stand in a queue that is usually extra-long. Today was no different. I stopped at the traffic department to pay my license, saw the people queuing out the door and decided to come back a bit later (hoping that things would calm down a bit).
Image credit: Brandlove.
Image credit: Brandlove.

When I walked in half an hour later the queue was gone and there were only 3 people in front of me – amazing! A well dressed, friendly and competent looking lady came to me (in the line) to ask if she could check my paperwork and make a copy of my ID so long. And then it clicked – she was making this experience an experience of magic rather than misery. No more surprises when you get to the counter. She was streamlining the process and really just getting the basics right. Something so small had such a huge knock-on effect.

In this, I realised once again that the time spent on creating huge gourmet journey maps, looking at NPS scores and other ROI in the business world to create a business case for awesome customer experience is necessary, but that in that, we are losing sight of what is right in front of us. We are blindsided by the fact that although people aspire to have great, beautiful experiences, they really just want to have businesses get the basics right. They really just want businesses to solve their problem(s) – and do this in a respectful manner.

Back to basics

I think most companies are great at planning journeys. They unpack beautiful customer experience journey maps. They look at NPS scores and voice of the customer results. My question is, how many companies are really travelling – going ON the journey themselves and not just talking about it. How many companies are courageous enough to take the first step towards uncomfortableness. My first boss always said – if you get comfortable get uncomfortable. How comfortable are you with the customer experience journey in your company?

Get back to the basics. Make the experience seamless and that will already be a great experience – in South Africa, it may even be seen as a surprise to most consumers. Only once the basics are right will you be able to innovate and create out of this world, never thought of experiences. But, until that day, focus on the basics. Stop dreaming about great CX and start doing great CX!

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