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SAPPO establishes Pork 360 Quality Assurance certification programme

South African Pork Producers Association (SAPPO) has established Pork 360 Quality Assurance certification programme, which extensively focuses on meat safety, meat quality, traceability and animal welfare. Pork 360 products are available exclusively to Food Lover's Market and Winelands Pork in the Western Cape.
With approximately 2.7m pigs consumed each year - 55% channelled to the fresh market and 45% to the processing industry - the average South African eats approximately 4.4kg of pork per annum. When taking into account this high demand for pork, along with a growing demand for food safety and a movement towards responsible consumption, SAPPO established the programme.

The Pork 360 Quality Assurance certification, which carries the slogan, ‘Pork you can trust’, guarantees consumers and retailers that pork farmers are following a consistent production process, which complies with minimum standards. These standards include strict regulation on pest, medication and feed control, effluent, transportation and housing of pigs.

In accordance with the certification requirements, farmers are also required to have an accredited veterinary consultant who frequently visits, advises and evaluates the farm and the production processes. Delivering on these minimum standards ensure that high-quality pork is sold by the farmers and retailers alike and purchased and consumed by the public.

“The farmers who are contractually part of the Pork 360 supply chain, adhere to strict requirements and are audited annually by an independent auditor, ensuring that they meet all the minimum standards to provide consumers with high-quality South African pork,” says, Henry Shaw, operations manager at Winelands Pork.

Brian Coppin, CEO of Food Lover's Market says, “Retailing Pork 360 certified meat in our store is of great importance to us. We believe that produce should be wholesome, healthy and tasty. The Pork 360 Quality Assurance programme ticks all the boxes and fits in perfectly with our belief our consumers should have access to the best quality produce in our stores. Pork 360 guarantees this.”

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