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Dedicated website set up to address Listeriosis questions and concerns

Food microbiologist and food safety specialist Professor Lucia Anelich of Anelich Consulting is hosting a website to address public concerns about the recent Listeriosis outbreak, and to provide helpful information about food safety in light of the outbreak.
Anelich says the outbreak concerned all South Africans, because it related to the food they buy, store in refrigerators, handle, prepare or eat. She says she was relieved that the source of the disease had been traced.

“Together with recalls of polony and other processed meat, this will hopefully bring an end to what I stated in early January 2018 is the largest documented Listeriosis outbreak anywhere in the world."
Listeriosis outbreak traced to Enterprise Foods factory in Limpopo

The source of the world's largest Listeriosis outbreak has been traced to an Enterprise Foods facility in Polokwane, Limpopo...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 5 Mar 2018

“After the announcement made by the Minister of Health on the source of the outbreak, members of the public have asked many questions about what they should do to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

With this in mind, she decided to set up a website where concerned citizens and consumers can find answers to Listeriosis issues. RCL Foods has become the first company to support the website and the publication of factual information about the foodborne disease.

Visit the dedicated website at www.listeriosisfacts.co.za.
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