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Highlights of HacksHackers Cape Town journalism salary survey

HacksHackers Cape Town recently undertook an online journalism salary survey and has revealed some of the highlights.
Highlights of HacksHackers Cape Town journalism salary survey


  • There was no major salary bias, neither between races nor gender;
  • The biggest determinant of salary is experience: each additional year of experience earns you R1000 per month;
  • The average male salary of those who filled in the survey was R26,906, while the average female salary was R23,821, but there were several woman who earned way above the average. If you're white and you earn an above average wage - you tend to think that South African journalism is in crisis. If you're white and you earn less than the average wage - you don't think so. Africans don't have the same distribution - they mostly think that there is a crisis regardless of wage.
  • Africans are mostly journalists. Whites are mostly editors. But this probably has more to do with the number of years of experience than anything else. (Editors tend to have more years of experience and black tend to have fewer years of experience.)
  • If you're in online, you're often in print too. If you're in print, you are sometimes also working online.
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