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Growth from knowledge indeed!

GfK (SA) welcomes Joe Boniaszczuk to the role of Director of Marketing Sciences.
GfK (SA) is pleased to welcome Joe Boniaszczuk to the team as the head of the Marketing Sciences Division. Joe is considered quite the marketing sciences stalwart by both peers and clients alike, which makes him an abundantly obvious fit for the team at GfK (SA). With a focus for knowledge driven growth, the Marketing Science division at GfK (SA) will enhance the already well-established disciplines in the company of building predictive and analytical models and using statistics to derive deeper marketing insights from its research data.

A bit about Joe Boniaszczuk (pronounced Bonny-ash-chook!)

Those who know Joe have described him as a bit of a mastermind, statistician extraordinaire and research philosopher. High praise indeed, but that is quite plainly because Joe gets stuff, complex stuff, and he knows how to communicate this very simply and elegantly. This is the result of a life spent deeply immersed and as active participant in the marketing research industry. Indeed, pick any random number of highlights on Joe's milestone reel and something becomes quite clear - Joe has vision - vision that he very willingly shares with anyone who engages him!

With a number of South African presented papers under his belt - Joe has applied himself quite vigorously to interrogating contemporary issues for our industry. Paper titles that read: "LSM's - Insight of the 90's or politically correct racism?" (1995) or "Death of the Respondent - the case for data fusion, imputation and extension" (2007) and "Death of the Analyst - the case for advanced weighting and data calibration" (2009), all articulate a binding thought: Joe thinks deeply; about issues in our local industry as much as he thinks about issues for the continent. In 2004 Joe led the development of a Pan African LSM tool for the African region - a project that he today still leads for the Pan African Media Research Organisation (PAMRO).

Joe's thoughts on joining GfK

"Some may ask why you didn't wrap up an already rewarding and growth filled career - why a new role and a new venture?"

Joe's response - first a deep bellied laugh!

"Retire?" he grins widely, "not a chance! I've only (sic) been in this industry for 28 years! Joining GfK (SA) and the GlobalEDGE team has re-energised me. I feel like I am learning new things all over again." The words of a man committed to knowledge - learning, unlearning and re-learning all over again. Welcome to the family GfK (SA) Joe!

GfK South Africa
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