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The robust travel culture of Jacaranda FM listeners

The Jacaranda FM audience is vibrant, energetic and ready for adventure. Target Group Index South Africa 2019 (TGISA) shows that Jacaranda FM listeners have a keen sense of adventure and believe 'that you only live once', so it's important to have as much fun as possible.
Jacaranda FM is one of the biggest independent radio stations in South Africa with a combined audience of over three million - a bilingual broadcaster with a footprint that extends to Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the North West Province.

A range of surveys have shown that Jacaranda FM listeners have bags and will travel. While Covid-19 has crippled the industry over the past 10 months, easing of restrictions and improved virus containment measures should allow for a return to the skies over the next few months. We take a look at Jacaranda FM listeners travel habits and choices.

The Jacaranda FM listener travel landscape

According to TGISA, 43,000 Jacaranda FM listeners enjoyed an international holiday of five days and longer last year, while 126,000 listeners travelled locally and 53,000 visited neighbouring countries. Our listeners are clearly up for exploration and excitement.

Jacaranda FM listeners are also a social group, with 44% planning their holidays and trips around festivals, events, shows, concerts, etc. Of the people who had a five day or longer holiday, 12% travelled alone, 26% with a spouse/partner, 41% with family and 21% with friends. Family holidays remain a favourite way for listeners to relax and reconnect.

The robust travel culture of Jacaranda FM listeners
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When it comes to the type of holiday Jacaranda FM listeners are after, beach holidays came through as the clear winner in their Pinpoll travel survey, with 50% of respondents choosing sun, sea and sand as their favourite. The Pinpoll survey ran from 22 to 28 September on Jacaranda FM social media and garnered 757 responses.

The robust travel culture of Jacaranda FM listeners
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Family holidays were considered the next best option, with 20% choosing to travel with loved ones, while cruising came in third with 10% looking to sail into the sunset.

Of those who do travel, 40% place their trust in a travel agent to make their bookings and plan their trip, while 63% start planning their trip from six months to over a year in advance.
The robust travel culture of Jacaranda FM listeners
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Value for money remains a top priority. At least 59% actively look for good deals and are willing to adjust their travel dates to accommodate a great offer, highlighting the value of travel and tourism advertising or content to consumers and businesses alike.

The robust travel culture of Jacaranda FM listeners
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The Jacaranda FM audience is ready to explore and experience new and different cultures. According to TGISA, 803,000 believe that travelling is a great way to learn about different cultures.

But what about Covid-19?

Covid-19 shook the travel industry worldwide, with no end in sight yet.

International travel has been banned in many countries, and those who have opened their borders have a long list of requirements for travellers to adhere to. South Africa only recently opened their borders to the world, and it remains to be seen if the travel industry will recover quickly, and what the effect of open borders will have on the rate of infections.

During lockdown Level 2, we asked the Jacaranda FM audience about their travel and leisure plans in a Colony survey, 57% were likely to travel for leisure and to visit attractions from Level 2 onwards. A more recent festive season survey saw respondents opting for a staycation rather than a vacation this year, with 75% choosing to stay at home over Christmas, this year, opening up opportunities for local business and attractions to provide affordable options to domestic travellers.

When it came to attractions, 36% were keen on going on hikes and walks, 33% were looking forward to travelling to the beach and 33% wanted to visit family entertainment venues.

The robust travel culture of Jacaranda FM listeners
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Jacaranda FM listeners are affluent according to the Broadcast Research Council of South Africa Radio Audience Measurement (BRC RAM). The average household income of the exclusive listener is R26,962, substantially higher than the average household Income in Gauteng, which is R16,111.

Jacaranda FM listeners are keen travellers, with the financial means to do so. People are still wary of international travel during the pandemic, but vaccine news and a greater understanding of the virus and safety measures should see an increase in interest and in industry growth.

Travel flexibility based on travel deals highlights that listeners base holiday decisions on promotional offers, despite their financial situations.
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Jacaranda FM
Jacaranda FM broadcasts at 94.2FM from Midrand, Gauteng and is one of the most popular radio stations with a substantial footprint across Mzansi. The station has the only bilingual commercial license in the country; broadcasting regionally in English and Afrikaans across Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and the North West Province.

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