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Study reveals corporate influencers stronger than celebrities for customer engagement

UK-based digital marketing agency AccuraCast has carried out new research into influencer engagement analysing almost 60 million influencer touchpoints across YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn...

The study has been designed to normalise engagement across different platforms to provide a fair comparison of influencer metrics.

The research revealed that the impact of mega influencers across social media platforms is waning, and micro influencers – and in-house staff – are stronger for marketing.

Farhad Divecha, managing director and founder at AccuraCast, said: "For the major social media platforms bar YouTube, a smart and more cost-effective way to target your key audiences is by partnering with micro influencers to drive engagement.

This is particularly true for B2B brands with LinkedIn revealed as the 'anti-influencer' network. For businesses operating in this area, we would even suggest harnessing the reach of your internal stakeholders or in-house influencers than to partner with micro or mega influencers on this platform."

Click here to read the full report.
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