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OrderIn relaunches as a delivery-as-a-service platform

OrderIn has relaunched as a B2B delivery-as-a-service platform. This move is meant to give retailers across various industries the power to move online and deliver goods without the costs of building and owning all the infrastructure needed to do so.

OrderIn’s new model focuses on delivery-as-a-service, as well as providing all the software (SaaS) organisations of varying sizes need to power their on-demand experience. With plans of a phased expansion to its suite of on-demand services, OrderIn wants to target the broader e-commerce space and service clients in food and beverage, retail, wholesale, pharmaceuticals and many more sectors, in South Africa and further afield.

To lead the company in this new direction, OrderIn has appointed Thembani Biyam as CEO.

“While South Africa saw massive e-commerce growth through the course of 2020, it’s still a ‘winner-takes-most’ environment. As the first company to have introduced on-demand delivery locally, we wanted to change that and empower businesses across a variety of industries, by providing them with industry-leading solutions that create best-in-class online retail experiences for their customers,” said Biyam.

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By adopting this technology, retailers can gain access to quality infrastructure solutions, tailored to their needs. End-to-end delivery infrastructure is meant to give retailers access to a team of e-logistics experts to assist whenever they are required.

Through data optimisation that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI), retailers can constantly monitor and improve performance, particularly in a highly competitive arena where customer experience is constantly evolving. Full visibility and control are also possible through OrderIn's reporting and management portal - which is meant to give retailers an instant, in-depth view of their business delivery operations.

“With these offerings, we’ve ensured that retailers are able to fully leverage the entire stack or integrate it into their existing ecosystems. Our core infrastructure encompasses every possible element of delivery and fulfilment,” continues Biyam.

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The events of the past year and a half highlight now, more than ever, the importance of delivery-as-a-service and the need for retail brands to partner with experts to establish themselves within this space.

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