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AI vs humans showdown: Who comes out on top?

Performance marketing agency, R17 Ventures AG, in collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland in South Africa, recently hosted an event in Cape Town to settle the current debate about machines taking over jobs in the creative industry when it pitted artificial intelligence (AI) and humans against each other in a design showdown.
Image supplied. Raphael Rohner, R17 Ventures CEO and founder at the recent event pitting AI against the humans
Image supplied. Raphael Rohner, R17 Ventures CEO and founder at the recent event pitting AI against the humans

The AI component featured R17’s latest technology investment, Pushdat, which uses ChatGPT to create organic social media content like Instagram Reels and TikTok videos from a Shopify store at the push of a button.

In the human corner, going head-to-head with Pushdat, was the agency’s creative team.

The challenge saw the creative strategists and Pushdat creating reels for three different brands for three different occasions, namely Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Black Friday.

Guests were then invited to vote for their favourite designs without knowing which design was machine-made and which was human-made.

A tight battle

The battle between Pushdat and R17’s creative strategists was tight, but it was the humans who came out on top, beating the app.

Speaking about the results, R17 Ventures CEO & founder, Raphael Rohner says: “It was a close call, but I have to congratulate our creative strategists that put themselves forward for the challenge.”

He adds: “For us, the results show synergy between the technology and our team and I’m looking forward to using more technology, like Pushdat, to continue to empower our team.”

The agency, which is headquartered in Zurich with operations bases in Cape Town and Berlin, says that it does not believe that AI will be replacing jobs – not at least for them.

Pushdat an opportunity

Speaking about what inspired the app, Rohner, says: “As an agency, our core focus is paid media; however, we’re seeing an increased need for organic content.”

Referencing TikTok’s algorithm that recommends for ultimate results TikTok videos be posted daily on the platform Rohner says: “We saw Pushdat as an opportunity to empower our team of creative strategists to focus in their strength areas through reducing workload on organic content tasks that can seem mundane.”

The app, which is still in prototype phase, will be available to the public soon with various additional features.

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