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From tragedy to triumph: How a digital brand can emerge from a lockdown liquidation

When Associated Media Publishing closed its doors after 38 years, it sent a tragic message about business in the Covid-19 era: jobs would dwindle, and companies would liquidate. But it's not all bad news. Companies are made up of individuals who work in teams. Some of these are happy and high functioning, like Associated Media Publishing's digital team. This well-oiled crew worked across all the group's brands, ensuring that publications like Cosmopolitan and House & Leisure showed up powerfully online, with innovations like Ready-to-Shop content and QR codes linking print to digital. When the empire came crashing down on 1 May 2020, the squad looked around and realised that although times seemed dark, there was a light of opportunity.
Three weeks later, and this team launched Arora Online – complete with electric branding, a fully realised social media presence, a WhatsApp Business line for customer service, and a beautiful, functional website. Fast-forward another three weeks, and Arora Online has over 20 clients in South Africa and abroad, in industries ranging from theatre and the arts, to food and beverage, fashion and clothing, and IT solutions.

What’s the secret to this growth? The answer is that the Arora Online’s story mirrors the global landscape: many businesses and individuals locally and globally have found themselves needing to pivot fast toward making money online, and then being agile enough to grow in the most fruitful directions. The Arora Online team knows firsthand what you need to thrive in the online space, so we use our abilities honed through years of experience to strategise, implement and manage your digital project all the way from conceptualisation stage to meaningful post-campaign reporting. Throw into that mix Arora’s creative and design flair, and you not only have a digital presence that works to achieve your objectives, you’ll also have your customers drooling over your digital aesthetic.

Who is the Arora Online team? Katerina Smith is the digital project management extraordinaire, having been the head of digital operations at Associated Media, the head of project management at Creative Spark, and Senior Web Producer at Liquorice. The keen eye of Paulina de Souza heads up design, where her advanced knowledge of branding for the digital space fuels her creation of thumb-stopping visuals. The meticulous mind of Kareesha Naidoo heads up market research and campaign management – skills honed while running campaigns and in-depth surveys for Cosmopolitan SA, Marie Claire and Good Housekeeping amongst others. The digital brand strategist in the team is Steven van Wyk, who has brought his creativity and logic to brands ranging from Takealot to KWV, and Heineken to TFG.

From tragedy to triumph: How a digital brand can emerge from a lockdown liquidation

Is your business looking for a guiding light in the digital space? Arora Online can help you with websites, social media, email and mobile marketing, as well as paid media, digital transformation, brand strategy and project management. If you’re not sure what you need to start winning online, get in touch with us for your free, no-obligations consultation.

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