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Entrepreneurship, friendship and endurance - A media company post-Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about massive shifts both locally and internationally, for all media owners. The new normal, as it is termed, means that creativity, agility and adaptability should be at the forefront for businesses as well as individuals who are looking to get employed.
Entrepreneurship, friendship and endurance - A media company post-Covid-19

Media stakeholders have had to adapt and reinvent their strategies. Cinevation is no different. Cinevation is a female-owned media powerhouse, started in 1997, by Marisa Torrani and Karen Bailey. Both ladies are ambitious and passionate about entrepreneurship, media and customer service. They thrive on offering the best solutions to their clients.

Torrani and Bailey believe in seeing opportunities where others may see challenges. Both ladies used to work for an agency, working on well-known brands such as Coca Cola and more. They saw an opportunity to combine their experience and skills to package media and production to service both SMEs and corporates. Agility and a diverse offering are what set them apart.

We wanted to find out what this award-winning agency's recipe for survival is, to inspire graduates and entrepreneurs who want to go into the media.

What does it take to make it in this sector?

Understanding the media is the first step. This can be reading, researching and talking to people with experience in the industry to stay fresh and relevant. Endurance, patience and grit are also an advantage as a career in media often involves long working hours and tight deadlines. A mentor is essential to assist with keeping one grounded and navigating the world of work. The internet has made life easier as information is now easily accessible.

What challenges have you faced, and how did you overcome them?

We are entrepreneurs at heart, so we understand that challenges are part of owning a business. We have faced, and overcome, many challenges over the years. We adapt, re-engineer and move on. I believe that what has kept us going is our strong partnership. Our strength lies in the fact that our skills and personalities are different, yet so complimentary. We balance each other. Our friendship has never interfered with our vision – to see our business, staff and clients succeed.

How do you keep your business current?

It is critical to stay in touch with local and international media trends. Serving on boards, reading on the industry and attending industry events has been a winning formula for Cinevation. Karen serves on the board of the Advertising and Media Association of South Africa (Amasa). Amasa's purpose is to educate the media industry, and Karen loves empowering people. Being part of the board also keeps her connected with senior industry players and exposes her to changing media trends.

Cinema is a big part of our business. To keep abreast of changes in cinema, we are part of the Screen Advertising Worldwide Association (Sawa). Sawa is an organisation of cinema media owners and affiliated companies from around the world. This enables us to stay in touch with what is happening internationally, giving us the edge to stay relevant and on-trend for our clients.

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