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Human8 is supercharging innovation with Generative AI

Human8 (previously known as InSites Consulting and Columinate), the global consultancy, today announced the launch of its proprietary Generative AI-driven Innovation offer. Designed to amplify human expertise, the new offering integrates artificial intelligence throughout the innovation process, from identifying opportunity spaces to optimising concepts, setting a new standard for innovation and market research.
Human8 is supercharging innovation with Generative AI

Unlocking the potential of Generative AI across the Innovation spectrum

From a simple concept test to full programmes, the Human8 Generative AI-driven Innovation offer enhances well-established innovation approaches by integrating AI to support and amplify human creativity and insight. The global consultancy states the new offering addresses three key challenges in the innovation process: a lack of depth in insights or problem statements, not going beyond ideas that are expected, and a lack of rapid iteration.

One notable tool developed by Human8 is the Insight Reframing Canvas.

“For many organisations, the most impactful change to implement in their innovation practice is to spend more time on the problem space before jumping to solutions,” says Thomas Troch, head of Innovation at Human8. “Our Insight Reframing Canvas allows Generative AI to assist in identifying underlying patterns and root causes often missed by traditional methods. This is a critical step in the innovation journey to ensure that we are not just generating ideas, but creating solutions that are truly differentiated and relevant.”

Other applications of the Human8 AI-driven Innovation proposition include:

  • AI Concept Optimisation: enhances concept development through iterative testing and optimization.
  • AI Market Pulse: analyzes competitive product launches to detect emerging market trends and reverse-engineer problem statements.
  • Supercharged Workshops: combines human expertise with AI to reframe insights and generate transformative ideas.

“Our AI-driven workshops and methodologies allow us to break through the expected and generate imaginative solutions that align with business goals,” says Amy Perifanos, chief portfolio officer at Human8. “This proposition is designed to supercharge human insight and expertise across the innovation process, enabling our clients to solve real-world problems with greater efficiency and creativity.”

The synergy of Generative AI and human creativity

“At Human8, we recognise the transformative potential of AI in market research,” says Annelies Verhaeghe, chief platform officer at Human8. “We leverage a suite of specialized AI assistants for different tasks, from ensuring data accuracy to sparking creative leaps with unexpected ideas. These are designed within a secure walled garden so client data is safe and only used for specific projects.”

In mid-2023, the global agency embraced the AI revolution with the launch of an employee AI prompt school, enabling its global workforce to successfully collaborate with artificial intelligence while ensuring data quality and diversity. Earlier this year, Human8 added an extensive AI employee policy serving as a comprehensive guide for employees to navigate the controlled and secure use of AI.

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