With a rich history and culture, Zubeida had an impressive repertoire, spanning over many years at industry giants, before starting and then dominating with her own company BrandTruth. BrandTruth incorporates multiple levels of marketing including but not limited to consulting, social media, story-telling and full content creation. With years of experience and a passion for creating, Zubeida now heads up the storytelling team along with co-founder Wayne Flemming, creating online campaigns that both inspire and drive critical engagement.
Five skills to help you connect with your social media audience

With the continued increase of the prosumer, many brands are struggling to control messaging around who they are and what they offer. By having a savvy social media strategy, a brand is able to better communicate with and understand who their audience is, what it is they want and how to engage with them positively, while still building resonance...

By Zubeida Goolam 13 Jun 2019

Why LinkedIn is more important than ever in 2019

With more than 600 million members from 200 countries in 2019, LinkedIn is still the largest professional networking platform in the world...

By Zubeida Goolam 17 May 2019

Up close and personal - Are shock ads effective?

Shockvertising. How far is too far? Are shock ads effective in changing consumer behaviour or, is shocking people simply off-putting?...

By Zubeida Goolam 29 Jan 2019

The five vital aspects of a successful social media campaign

We've seen a dramatic shift in power, with social media sometimes rendering other marketing platforms irrelevant...

By Zubeida Goolam 20 Nov 2018

6 skills a social media ideator needs to develop to thrive

Through social media, one is able to more effectively and intimately interact with others, however, these digital platforms also act as disrupters to the real world, which often compete for your time and energy...

By Zubeida Goolam 2 Aug 2018

Importance of culture in creative practice

South Africa has made great strides in recent years towards being a world class creative hub, our vast strides in creativity and humour have been made possible through its many, young, vibrant and defiant citizens. However, we are still facing cultural misunderstandings and gaps in our varied backgrounds...

By Zubeida Goolam 30 May 2018

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