Born in Ghana, Yaw Dwomoh is the Managing Director of Idea Hive, a specialist Brand Storytelling company based in Johannesburg that enables medium-to-large brands to craft their brand stories in a way that is authentic, connecting with customers in a way that captures their hearts and their purchasing power.
From 'meh' to 'yeah!' - the science of storytelling

Yaw Dwomoh, managing director of Idea Hive, shares why it is important that we share our brand purpose through a story...

By Yaw Dwomoh 1 Mar 2021

The rise of the digital planet tells a new story

Yaw Dwomoh, CEO of Idea Hive, writes businesses are now preparing to navigate a period of prolonged uncertainty for their brand, the global economy, and the consumers they serve...

By Yaw Dwomoh 7 Oct 2020

Is bigger always better? Why size doesn't matter when it comes to agencies

Yes, in certain instances size does matter. Like Tweets, font, asteroids, golf clubs, slices of cake and shoes...

By Yaw Dwomoh 14 Aug 2019

I am Woman: More than a mother, a wife and a home cleaning enthusiast

Brands that fly in the face of inclusivity by depicting lazily formulaic brand stories are losing out on some phenomenal stories waiting to be told...

By Yaw Dwomoh 8 Aug 2019

The African narrative: For Africans, by Africans

"Until the lion learns to write, every story will glorify the hunter..."

By Yaw Dwomoh 30 May 2019

Is your brand telling the true story?

Stories are a powerful part of the human experience. Yes, we see them told at bedtime to children listening in rapt silence, but they're also told daily in election campaigns, fundraising drives and in business, through brand storytelling...

By Yaw Dwomoh 13 May 2019

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