Warren Moss is the founder & CEO of Demographica, a full-service specialist agency focusing on Business to Business (B2B) and niche consumer markets. What makes Demographica unique is the fact that anthropology (the study of human societies and cultures and their development) is at the heart of all of their strategies. Warren and Demographica have been recognised by winning some major business and marketing awards. Warren is also currently the Chairman of the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa.
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#BizTrends2021: B2B CMO's need to be a little bit braver, bolder in 2021

In light of what went on in 2020, it's no surprise that so many B2B marketers have been making safe choices. There's been plenty of consolidation, a fair amount of contraction and a lot of maintaining the status quo....

By Warren Moss 6 Jan 2021

The case for creativity in B2B marketing

Warren Moss, CEO of Demographica writes that our B2C marketers are globally-renowned and regularly win international recognition for campaigns - so why don't B2B marketers, also?...

By Warren Moss 14 Sep 2020

#BizTrends2020: 8 B2B marketing trends for 2020

Companies are truly starting to understand what good B2B marketing looks like and are looking for dedicated agencies to deliver it...

By Warren Moss 13 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2019: The importance of the shift to post-modern marketing

How can a disruptive company rely on traditional, pre-modern marketing thinking to drive home the values of their 21st-century brand?

By Warren Moss 30 Jan 2019

What makes a great B2B marketer?

Strong Business-2-Business (B2B) marketers are a rare breed. Warren Moss lists a few characteristics that set the strong, talented and effective ones apart from the rest...

By Warren Moss 16 Aug 2018

The importance of diversity when creating communications strategies

It's becoming commonly known that what's fundamentally missing from the brand strategy process is the diversity of the talent. Warren Moss elaborates on why diversity is an important aspect when creating communication strategies...

By Warren Moss 5 Jul 2018

[2013 trends] Targeted direct marketing to come into its own

The year ahead is unlikely to see any fantastical new developments in direct marketing; in fact, it's more likely to be characterised by the maturing of existing technologies and a return to more traditional practices.

By Warren Moss 22 Jan 2013

[2012 trends] Email marketing trends shaping the year ahead

Despite what the doomsday predictions say, email will not become irrelevant due to the rise of social media. As one of the most cost-effective and efficient eMarketing service offerings, email marketing is expected to continue to be a crucial part of the digital marketing mix in 2012.

By Warren Moss 20 Jan 2012

Location, location, mobile - ignore this opportunity at your peril

Africa holds unlimited potential for brands that value the power of strategic mobile marketing: With its 620 million mobile connections, Africa surpassed Latin America in September this year to become the second largest mobile market after Asia Pacific. I recently attended the ad:tech New York Digital Marketing Conference and here are some insights from the global event and how local marketers can apply them to Africa's rapidly growing mobile audience.

By Warren Moss 23 Nov 2011

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