Travis Bussiahn

Executive Creative Director at The Happy Media Content Agency
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Travis Bussiahn is the Executive Creative Director of the Happy Media Video Agency. He solves creative and business problems for both Happy Media and its clients. He understands the importance of emotional connection in content, branded or otherwise and believes in traditional media's ability to be blended with new media to profound and holistic effect. He loves and excels at concept and the art of story. Contact details: website | Twitter @TravisBussiahn
The right video for the right time

In Nielsen and Taboola's "Moment of Next" study, the two company's took a look at video-watching...

By Travis Bussiahn 24 Oct 2019

This is where your target market is. Where are you?

The data on video marketing isn't nebulous stats. That's where your target market is...

By Travis Bussiahn 9 Oct 2019

Video, the new document: Where do you start?

A lot of people don't know where to begin with video in today's digital space...

By Travis Bussiahn 1 Oct 2019

Hand over the mic

It's a strange time for media in general. Spending is shifting like Namibian sand in the wind. TV is cheaper, radio is morphing like food dye in water and the promise of a digital future is waxing lyrical...

By Travis Bussiahn 1 Jun 2015

Now is tomorrow

There we sat around a large boardroom table, salmon and scrambled egg laden croissants before us, all members of a newly assembled future-proof think tank...

By Travis Bussiahn 17 Jul 2014

Every on-air presenter you let go takes a piece of your future with them

Hello Mr/Mrs Radio Station Manager. You see the DJ sitting in that studio over there? Well he or she is, with every word, building their personal brand on the back of your station's reach.

By Travis Bussiahn 30 May 2014

Pretty much all you need to know to run a traditional radio station

Radio is a passion of mine and, next to writing, is the medium I've worked with longest. Radio, in effect, was a media hub that launched me into all of the new spaces I play in today.

By Travis Bussiahn 20 May 2014

A clickthrough isn't conversion until it's converted

When you buy advertising from an online vendor like the Big 'G' you get two main options: You can place advertising on their Search Network or you can place advertising on their Display Network.

By Travis Bussiahn 11 Mar 2014

The other 'i' word

Look at them over there. They're leaders in innovation. It's written on their wall in bold typography, on their website in luxurious .gif while their LinkedIn profiles deem them thus as well. They are captains of industry, masters of the future, legends of the letter 'i'.

By Travis Bussiahn 7 Mar 2014

The content marketing buzzards

The carcass is the prize. In this story the carcass is content marketing success. We (as in the content people) are the buzzards, but instead of enjoying the spoils, a lot of us seem to be stuck circling.

By Travis Bussiahn 26 Feb 2014

A 51.4 second curated content read on content curation

One of the tactics that us content marketers can use for our own or our client blogs is curation.

By Travis Bussiahn 21 Feb 2014

Why South Africa needs chief content officers

Within some of the most powerful media groups in SA, often there are many business units. Each of these units is mandated to drive creativity and innovation into their markets by telling the stories of their clients to the audiences that consume them.

By Travis Bussiahn 17 Feb 2014

Fire your marketing team

If you haven't taken the time to authentically know your audience - not their age or wage or LSM, but their culture and hopes and dreams - then you're probably giving them headache pills for a calcium deficiency. (Video)

By Travis Bussiahn 4 Feb 2014

The traditional media frog and the content monster

I'm convinced this is the year where it all finally comes together for business and content in South Africa. The year where the blank bored-room stares are replaced with twinkling eyes.

By Travis Bussiahn 28 Jan 2014

New traditions - Radio drives iTunes charts

Traditional platforms generally still hold a lot of the audience mass and so can drive participation if they tailor their propositions properly. (video)

By Travis Bussiahn 22 Jan 2014

Creative for good

"How do you give someone purpose?" he asked me, his gaze direct as he slurped down the last bit of his freezo. The wintery afternoon sun streamed through the large glass windows behind me and glinted in his eyes as he asked. This was a professional moment both compelling and onerous all at once.

By Travis Bussiahn 13 Aug 2013

Why girls are cool, Facebook drools and blogs rule

It was a cull: over 900 in just under three hours. She was finally doing it and it was affecting to behold. Years of building her personal network were being erased in the office upstairs and every time she came down to fill up the teacup and grab another rusk she seemed happier, lighter, purposed even.

By Travis Bussiahn 21 Jun 2013

The future isn't digital - it's people

There's an interesting thing I'm watching in the content strategy & marketing space: A separation of paths, a divergence in the wood. I might be tired and on the wrong side of too many coffees as this epiphany comes, so grab a pinch of salt and humour me.

By Travis Bussiahn 5 Jun 2013

The radio natives are restless

Marissa Mayer is a businessperson I admire greatly. I feel she has a mixed media mindset that sees her understanding that traditional media is as important as new media and I like what she had to say about advertising in the mobile space. (Yes! This article is about radio).

By Travis Bussiahn 21 May 2013

The context of being content

"Content". There's that word again. Next to "big data", "innovative" and "digital strategist" it should vie for the most used and misunderstood buzz term of the year. (video)

By Travis Bussiahn 8 May 2013

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