Tom Manners is Managing Director of Clockwork Media.
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#BizTrends2018: To survive, marketing must kill its darlings in 2018

With being an early mover comes uncertainties that cannot be accounted for a hundred percent, as is the principle of risk and reward...

By Tom Manners 11 Jan 2018

The digital trends driving the future of marketing

With growth and increased revenue taking centre stage as top priorities, generating demonstrable, bottom-line benefits for clients has never been more important...

By Tom Manners 23 Aug 2017

Why your content marketing strategy should be platform agnostic

Which platform should I be on? It's the question that haunts almost every brand and marketing manager, and like all heavy existential questions, there's no easy answer...

By Tom Manners 3 Nov 2016

Is content really king?

The days of broadcast communication are behind us. It's time to take a fresh look at how brands communicate with buyers.

By Tom Manners 6 Feb 2014

Why content matters, and how it can drive business success

Great content is no longer simply important to brand success; it's absolutely essential.

By Tom Manners 13 Aug 2013

PC days not numbered

Scarcely two weeks ago, the Industrial Development Corporation issued an official announcement that not only portrayed the PC industry as a sector in absolute free-fall but also blamed Microsoft's perceived failure to get Windows 8 off the ground as the reason for the decline.

By Tom Manners 10 May 2013

Real time marketing: A South African story

Is it possible to replicate Oreo's Superbowl success locally? If this year's NFL Superbowl had one winner, it would be a simple biscuit.

By Tom Manners 19 Mar 2013

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