Sylvia Schutte is the MD of Stratitude.
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Employee benefit marketing: How to ensure your staff know and use their benefits

With the current state of the job market and the pressure on offering competitive remuneration, companies should make employee benefit marketing a priority to attract and retain the best employees...

By Sylvia Schutte 20 Feb 2019

Mindful marketing: A New Year's resolution that will help you achieve results faster

For years, Sylvia quoted best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell's theory that it takes 10,000 hours to master a craft. Whether it's to improve as an athlete, a musician or to be a better leader, it's about the time you put in to master that skill. But then there are people who improve faster than others, so it clearly can't just be about putting in the 10,000 hours...

By Sylvia Schutte 5 Feb 2019

Are you on LinkedIn? If you're in the B2B space, here's why it should be one of your New Year's resolutions

South Africa has 6,1 million people using LinkedIn, with 72% of brands relying on it as a marketing tool. This is very relevant in the B2B space because you could be missing out if you're not already using LinkedIn for business...

By Sylvia Schutte 3 Jan 2019

Balancing paid, owned and earned media - are you getting it right?

Is our owned, paid and earned media all aligned to give you the best possible return on your marketing spend? If you get it right, you combine your efforts to build your brand, emphasise the right message and drive customers down your sales funnel...

By Sylvia Schutte 29 Aug 2018

When it comes to marketing, you should try playing pinball

To be in line with the current trends one has to change the way they market. You would wonder, how is pinball and marketing related? Sylvia Schutte has tips on how you may use this game's metaphor into your marketing strategy or plan...

By Sylvia Schutte 2 Aug 2018

It's time you start marketing like an investor

Businesses often take a haphazard approach to marketing but would they do this with a long-term investment portfolio? Definitely not, so why treat marketing with such a cavalier attitude?...

By Sylvia Schutte 9 Apr 2018

Thanks for your hard work, now please go away

Every agency, freelancer and consultant in the business knows the story: you get called in to pitch on business, there's pressure to get the proposal back on a tight deadline, you submit on time and then...

By Sylvia Schutte 31 May 2017

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