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How to balls-up a brand with blatant misogyny (Updated)

If you're someone who loves a bit of stereotypical gender bashing you're in for a real treat. If not, buckle up for this sexist, crass, offensive bottled misogyny featuring Vale Bru - a lekker microbrewery with really kiff okes running rampant while calling themselves brewers...

By Shae Leigh 6 Jun 2018

Why brands must legally protect their influencers

Shae Leigh writes that if brands don't protect their influencers, legally and ethically, influencers won't protect the brand...

By Shae Leigh 29 May 2018

10 content video myths busted for your business

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a powerful content video is worth 1,000 pictures. The challenge comes when you have to sit down and choose those 1,000 pictures and create something from them that resonates with people...

By Shae Leigh 29 Mar 2018

The true value of Twitter for brands that want to be effective

Why do brands need Twitter if there are hundreds of channels that already clutter our days? Shae Leigh explores the reasons why Twitter is still very relevant...

By Shae Leigh 22 Mar 2018

Take the road less travelled when you communicate with your target audience

Many clients approach me with their hands in their hair - overwhelmed by the task of marketing their brand and not knowing how to effectively engage their target audience...

By Shae Leigh 12 Mar 2018

How company culture affects productivity

In the same way they say, 'you are what you eat', so you become where you work, as company culture affects your productivity, your personality, your positivity and your pursuit of your greater goals...

By Shae Leigh 2 Mar 2018

Five rookie marketing mistakes that could impact your brand's credibility

In 2017 your brand cannot afford to lose credibility because of rookie marketing mistakes. Whether you're a small business or global corporate, online best practice is a non-negotiable.

By Shae Leigh 28 Jul 2017

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