Sarah Britten is Strategy Director at Brand Factor, and the de facto campaign manager of the ZACP, the Capitalist Party of South Africa. She has worked across various strategic disciplines in advertising for the past 19 years.

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Strategy Director
Brand Factor -
How I wrote a shopper marketing strategy for a new political party

Shopping in a supermarket has nothing in common with voting in an election - or does it?

By Sarah Britten 25 Apr 2019

The Chewbacca mask and the power of social media in retail

Social media can be retail brand building - and sales - gold. Just look at the case of the Chewbacca mask that Candace Payne bought from Kohl's last week...

By Sarah Britten 25 May 2016

The amazing Obz waitress tip campaign

Every now and then, I come across a campaign that makes me sit up and take notice. A campaign that prompts me to say "wow" and then ask: why did it work? And, yes, wonder how we could replicate that kind of success for our clients...

By Sarah Britten 4 May 2016

When brands are a matter of life and death

Brands matter. Of course they do - and it's the job of most of you reading this to make sure that brands are meaningful to those who use them...

By Sarah Britten 20 Apr 2016

Brands, here's why you should care about 'woke Twitter'

Woke Twitter could bring down your campaign and cause severe reputational damage. Here's why this audience should be considered as an essential part of the strategic and creative process...

By Sarah Britten 28 Jan 2016

Ten little things that Japan does differently

Travel is good for creativity, it forces you to look at the world with fresh eyes - and few countries are as both as strange and familiar as Japan.

By Sarah Britten 18 Jun 2015

[Trends 2015] Shopper marketing

The era of consumer marketing is over, and now we're in the age of shopper marketing. With retail as the new centre of marketing gravity, agencies, clients and media across the spectrum need to get to grips the new marketing reality...

By Sarah Britten 21 Jan 2015

Why the EFF beret is brilliant marketing

Of all the marketing we've seen this election season - all the rallies, the posters, the SMSs and the kissing of babies - one thing has stood out head and shoulders above all the rest.

By Sarah Britten 29 Apr 2014

The eternal skaam of the yellow bracelet

Whenever I'm having a bad day, I remind myself of this: at least I'm not one of those people who used to wear a yellow Livestrong bracelet. Or worse, one of those diehards who still wear them (earlier today, while having lunch in a coffee shop in a Sandton shopping centre, I spotted a man wearing one. He was wearing a checked shirt and chinos, so he wasn't being an ironic hipster).

By Sarah Britten 16 Jan 2013

Focusing on the holes, not the drill: the power of collaborative consumption

Do you have a power drill at home? How often do you use it? If it's anything like the average power drill, it will be used for 12 to 13 minutes in its entire lifetime.

By Sarah Britten 7 Nov 2012

The ANC's Loerie-winning integrated PR campaign

The following case study will demonstrate how ANC used a compelling consumer insight and combined it with innovative execution to drive home the relevance of the brand message.

By Sarah Britten 4 Jun 2012

Yes, you can timesheet the fuzball

"Great ideas don't keep office hours," as the ad for Standard Corporate and Merchant Bank used to say. It flighted at around the time I arrived at Hunts some time in the Precambrian, but the insight is just as valid today. Great ideas really don't keep office hours, which causes havoc with timesheets.

By Sarah Britten 10 Apr 2012

Refugees from common sense: Helen Zille, DA's five marketing mistakes

If Helen Zille is so marketing savvy, why is she making so many glaring tactical errors? The "refugee" tweet debacle is just the latest example. The DA's communications strategy team must surely be aware of where it's going wrong, but if it isn't, here are a few pointers.

By Sarah Britten 27 Mar 2012

Building brands, driving sales - and doing good

Do you have a favourite example of how marketing can have a positive impact on the world? I never hesitate when I'm asked that question: the Outsurance pointspeople. Social good meets brand awareness and affinity: it's a win-win situation.

By Sarah Britten 7 Mar 2012

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