Sacha Matulovich

Marketing Director at Connection Telecom
Location:South Africa


Marketing Director at Connection Telecom
5 productivity hacks for entrepreneurs in 2019

It's that time of year where, in between the mad dash to wrap up work before the holidays, many business leaders and decision-makers look back at their organisation's performance...

By Sacha Matulovich 13 Dec 2018

Five reasons to move your telecoms to the cloud

As business owners consider the many challenges facing them, technology will undoubtedly provide some of the answers (and efficiencies) that they are so actively seeking...

By Sacha Matulovich 16 May 2016

Top five reasons why everything is moving to the cloud

The Cloud is neither a fuzzy nor a fluffy concept, despite its soft-edged depiction on network diagrams. From server infrastructure to applications to development platforms...

By Sacha Matulovich 12 Nov 2015

Your on-site PBX can kill your small business

As a small business owner be aware of the pros and cons of a site-based PBX versus a hosted PBX and how each solution addresses your requirements...

By Sacha Matulovich 25 Mar 2015

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