Richard Mullins

Managing Director for Middle East & Africa at Acceleration
Location:South Africa


Richard Mullins is the director at Acceleration. He opened Acceleration's Johannesburg office in 2000 and has played an instrumental role in the growth of Acceleration in South Africa.
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To build a better customer experience, start with the architecture

Most brands are looking at the customer experience as the most powerful way they have to set themselves apart in a market where it's becoming increasingly difficult to compete on price and product features alone...

By Richard Mullins 1 Dec 2017

Data visualisation tools provide a view of the customer journey beyond marketing

One of the largest challenges that organisations face in becoming more data-driven is to bring data together from different systems across and within departments...

By Richard Mullins 13 Nov 2017

Digital transformation must be driven from the top to ensure success

Businesses that succeed in the digital age will be those that drive digital transformation from the top as a strategic imperative...

By Richard Mullins 10 Aug 2017

Beating the digital innovators demands more than mere imitation

Brands that are starting to feel the competitive heat from multinational digital disruptors such as Uber, AirBNB, Amazon and Facebook need to embrace digital innovation as a core business capability...

By Richard Mullins 5 Aug 2015

Don't try to tame big data - rather try to leverage smart data

Data is one of the most valuable assets any organisation owns today. But much as crude oil needs to be transformed into petroleum to power a motor vehicle, raw big data must first be refined...

By Richard Mullins 18 Mar 2015

Context is king in the next wave of digital marketing

I recently attended a discussion with some colleagues and key clients, WPP STREAM Africa, around how to target digital marketing messages at an elite group of wealthy consumers...

By Richard Mullins 23 Jan 2015

CMS: should stand for Customer Management System

Many organisations in South Africa are still using legacy content management systems (CMSs) to run their digital properties, reasoning that the complexity and risk of migrating to a new platform outweighs the potential benefits.

By Richard Mullins 5 Dec 2013

Pay attention to mobile as email marketing channel

Email is still one of the most important and widely-used communication channels that marketers have at their disposal, but the way that many organisations use it is still surprisingly unrefined. Nowhere is this clearer than in the lack of attention many marketers pay to the mobile device as a channel for email marketing.

By Richard Mullins 15 Nov 2012

South Africa needs to enter remarketing

Companies that want to position themselves to drive business value from digital marketing must start working towards mastering the discipline of remarketing or risk getting left behind by nimbler rivals.

By Richard Mullins 1 Nov 2012

Online customer strategy: Make the most of it

Most brands today still operate their online marketing in silos, with little connection between the different channels they use to communicate with and market to their customers. However, customers are moving seamlessly between a range of electronic channels, engaging with your business through social media, display ads, search, email and many other points of contact.

By Richard Mullins 1 Jun 2012

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