Pieter Geyser

Head of Digital PR & Marketing at Irvine Partners
Location:Durban, South Africa


Pieter Geyser is the Head of Digital PR & Marketing at Irvine Partners. He has more than a decade of experience as a digital marketing specialist. He is skilled in content marketing, social media, digital marketing strategy, SEO and brand management among others for both B2B and B2C audiences. He has worked with global brands in the retail, technology, telecomms, travel, hospitality and financial services sector. Pieter has consulted on “go to market” strategies for start-ups in the UK, Germany, Australia, Israel, South Africa and the USA. He has a passion for technology and people and believes that technology only works if people know how to use it.
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Google Ad Words Certified, Google Ads + Analytics, WordPress & eCommerce, eCommerce Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Blog Authoring
Why you need to change your Facebook content plan in 2021

As content creators, we'd all like to think that the content we produce is interesting enough to stand the test of time. Unfortunately for us, when it comes to Facebook, there are more than 30 billion pieces of content published on the platform each month...

By Pieter Geyser 23 Dec 2020

Marketers need to redefine the conversion path in order to build CLV

People are spending their time wisely, applying this sense of urgency to even the way in which they shop. The service provider who is able to offer the consumer a solution immediately is the most likely to win the conversion...

By Pieter Geyser 26 Feb 2019

3 shifts that marketers need to consider

Success is dependent on how well one responds. Professional marketers are constantly having to evolve as industries shift. The competitive landscape, in market dynamics and consumer expectations, plays a mammoth role in how marketers respond to these shifts in the industry...

By Pieter Geyser 5 Feb 2019

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