Percy Shangase

Managing Owner at Mashuku Marketing Solutions
Location:South Africa


Percy Shangase is the 1st Black person to win the Prestigious Alan Paton Literary Award. He runs a Marketing and Research Consultancy, despite living with a disability - below knee amputation, however he drives and flies wherever is necessary. He has an insatiable appetite and passion for Marketing meshed with Research and has elaborate experience spanning over 20 years. However, he fails to fathom why Marketing/Research spend are always the 1st to get chopped when market conditions are not conducive.
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Celebrities and branding

Percy Shangase talks about the use of celebrities in endorsing brands...

By Percy Shangase 14 Jun 2021

Reflective moments for marketers

Percy Shangase, managing owner at Mashuku Marketing Solutions, writes that in the wake of the crippling pandemic, brand equity is under attack...

By Percy Shangase 3 Mar 2021

Let's not abandon the fundamentals of traditional marketing

I am sure that many of you are exhausted of hearing about 2020 and moving forward, but we cannot move forward without looking back...

By Percy Shangase 19 Jan 2021

How conducting solid research could have prevented the Clicks fiasco

Percy Shangase, managing owner of Mashuku Marketing Solutions, writes that the repercussions that Clicks is currently undergoing are as a result of not conducting ad-testing, exercising due diligence and at the very least understanding their markets...

By Percy Shangase 7 Sep 2020

Brands need to relook the value of research

Percy Shangase, managing owner of Mashuku Marketing Solutions, writes that stronger marketing tactics backed by effective, and relevant research will inform the direction brands ought to take during these uncertain times...

By Percy Shangase 2 Sep 2020

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