Paula Raubenheimer

Head of Programmatic, SouthernX, The SpaceStation
Location:South Africa


Paula Raubenheimer is head of programmatic at SouthernX, The SpaceStation. Paula has a B Bus Science (Law) degree and completed Post-Graduate studies in Marketing and Advertising Communications.

Before commencing with SouthernX, Paula was the group commercial director of the Habari Group. On leaving the Group in 2013, Paula launched an e-commerce store, which she made profitable after only four months of operation.
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#BizTrends2018: Prescriptive data in the digital space, the next big thing

The recent advances in data analytics and machine learning will see a huge shift in how we use data in 2018...

By Paula Raubenheimer 8 Jan 2018

Ad networks vs Ad exchanges - what's the difference?

The current online advertising environment can be confusing and seemingly fragmented with native advertising, premium display advertising and now programmatic advertising being thrown in the mix...

By Paula Raubenheimer 28 Jul 2016

How programmatic buying can affect your bottom line

Programmatic buying is a relatively new concept in South Africa and it uses highly advanced technology - both of which can make it seem intimidating...

By Paula Raubenheimer 26 May 2016

[Trends 2015] Brand safe programmatic environment grows in SA

With the global trend, as always, dictating South Africa's way forward, the market is poised to see a growth of spend in this area at a steeper curve in 2015...

By Paula Raubenheimer 24 Jan 2015

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