Nicole Shapiro has experience in both the client and agency environments, having worked for Standard Bank in the Global Strategic Marketing team and at Yellowwood as a Senior Brand Strategist.
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Building your brand through the power of storytelling

People love stories and, for as long as people have walked the earth, across all cultures, storytelling has been an important fabric of society...

By Nicole Shapiro 2 Feb 2017

Brand building in recessionary times - is your brand geared to weather the storm?

Turbulence. It's a word that's on everyone's lips at the moment - from the highest rated economists, to businesses of all sizes, to the man on the street...

By Nicole Shapiro 5 Oct 2016

Mastering the power of premium brands for growth

Simply put, premium is powerful. Successful premium brands demand higher margins and often become an aspirational pinnacle for consumers...

By Nicole Shapiro 19 Oct 2015

The real face of Mzansi families

The importance of family for marketers and brand managers is undisputed. They are our bread and butter; from the life policy that leaves a lasting legacy for loved ones to the frozen vegetables we want on their dinner tables...

By Nicole Shapiro 16 Jul 2015

Mastering innovation for growth

Innovation. It's a buzzword on everyone's lips; a strategic priority of many organisations; and what many consider the ultimate driver to unlocking growth. Those who get it right - the Apples, FNBs and Googles of the world - make it look easy...

By Nicole Shapiro 29 Jun 2015

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