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Owner of Retroviral Digital Communications
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Mike Sharman is the owner of Retroviral Digital Communications, an online communications consultancy specialising in communication strategy, social media and content creation.
Forget macro, micro or nano, 2019 is the year of 'internal-influence'

The socialverse has been inundated with one Fyre meme after the other and thanks to the Hulu and Netflix - albeit through the skewed FuckJerry lens - exposés, there has been an amplified discussion about the pros and cons of the influencer marketing space...

By Mike Sharman 13 Feb 2019

#BizTrends2018: Putting the 'I' in live.

Live has been the major evolution in digital over the past two years, but it is still under-utilised from a brand perspective in South Africa...

By Mike Sharman 11 Jan 2018


It's an incredibly proud moment for me to clackety clack away at the keyboard and complete the sentence (and realisation) that Retroviral is seven (VII) years old...

By Mike Sharman 6 Jul 2017


It's an incredibly proud moment for me to clackety clack away at the keyboard and complete the sentence (and realisation) that Retroviral is seven (VII) years old...

By Mike Sharman 5 Jul 2017

Make sex great again

Sex: whether it's taboo, whispered about behind closed doors, joked about or discussed in the doctor's office, it's an integral part of being human...

By Mike Sharman 16 Mar 2017


The brainstorming space is an incredibly malleable one. Not all ideas are manufactured within the confines of four glass walls of the boardroom. Some of them are composed – with theme tune – in the shower. In this instance, however, the organic, creative process used client-agency voice notes as the catalyst...

By Mike Sharman 6 Mar 2017

Russell Hobbs Rush: Make a dash for it!

By the time December sneaks up on us, the average consumer is on the verge of Festive Fatigue. Branded content becomes white noise, and shelf liners and POS collateral of all shapes and sizes morphs into a solitary red blur of a fat man in a suit with a jolly grin, sans differentiation...

By Mike Sharman 8 Dec 2016

#BBMGetIn is the gift of gigging

BBM launches summer, in pure Jozi-style with an exclusive, secret venue gig that includes SA's hottest artists Black Coffee and Black Motion...

By Mike Sharman 7 Nov 2016

Starfish Greathearts Foundation's disruptive approach to charity fundraising

An interactive, iPad e-book, it's a first for a South African charity; challenging the traditional business model and providing consumers with a product of value when donating to a cause...

By Mike Sharman 31 Oct 2016

The People of Prestige

Here's how you take the intangible aspects of a B2B success story and translate it into an inspirational narrative that can ignite passion internally - from your workforce - as well as externally with clients who have 'price' at the forefront of a purchase consideration...

By Mike Sharman 20 Sep 2016

Cell C Game of Phones campaign puts the WIN in Winterfell

Last week I shared this pic of actor/comedian/director - Glen Biderman-Pam - playing all of the characters from GoT...

By Mike Sharman 3 Jun 2016

Tweets encourage double amputee teen to walk again

From no legs to running a mile of The Ultimate Human Race...

By Mike Sharman 19 May 2016

Gwara of a nation

Everywhere we turn in South Africa, there is someone throwing shade at another. From the red and blue politicians to those in green and gold, to the AKA-Pearl-Bonang-Euphonik-Zinhle social soapie; the beef is unavoidable...

By Mike Sharman 10 May 2016

1 in 4 South Africans is unemployed. Here's how we reduce those numbers!

I receive unsolicited mails - weekly - from graduates, matriculants, and experienced industry individuals, vying for a potential role at Retroviral; anything...

By Mike Sharman 13 Apr 2016

The Retroviral manifesto

2015 was one of the most globally uninspiring years in terms of digital advertising...

By Mike Sharman 8 Apr 2016

#Awareness is so 2014...

It's become our obligation as an industry to be able to create a remarkable brand narrative that does more than just create awareness...

By Mike Sharman 22 Apr 2015

[Trends 2015] Online influencers are the billboards of 2015

Influencer marketing, Africa and reaching the Millennials in the hidden, dark spaces they inhabit online, means brands need to enhance their cult status to win over Generation Z.

By Mike Sharman 19 Jan 2015

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