Leigh Crymble is a behavioural linguist and language practitioner and founded BreadCrumbs in 2019 - South Africa's first Behavioural Linguistics firm that is rooted in behavioural theory and combines sociolinguistics, psychology and marketing principles to create personalised and persuasive communication.
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Leigh Crymble
[Marketing & Media] Why I am on twitter. And why *you* should be too.
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#BizTrends2021: Move to minimal in 2021

For 2020, we all predicted a year of "20 plenty". But while we craved abundance and luxury, the year was instead one filled with tumultuous learnings and ongoing change...

By Leigh Crymble 6 Jan 2021

South Africa ranks 2nd as country with most reliable Covid-19 news

As we all try to make sense of the unfolding Covid-19 pandemic, the prevalence of fake news has come under the spotlight more than ever before...

By Leigh Crymble 14 Apr 2020

Behavioural linguistics: Marketing and the science of language

As marketers, our main aim is to persuade someone to do something. Being able to compel someone to act in a certain way is an invaluable skillset and having the framework to guide this can be the difference between brand success and brand failure...

By Leigh Crymble 23 Jan 2020

RE: Top 9 email tips

Five words. 20 characters. And a few seconds before your recipient's thumb swipes past the email that likely took you hours to craft...

By Leigh Crymble 27 Aug 2019

Love at first sight? Behavioural bias and The Bachelor

One eligible bachelor. 24 contestants vying for his heart. Underpinned by 7 behavioural biases. The popular US dating show, The Bachelor, has just celebrated its 17th year on-air, with South Africa becoming the latest country to debut this popular reality show...

By Leigh Crymble 24 Apr 2019

Make your pronouns personal

How should pronouns be used in marketing communications and why is the (strategic) use of them so important when it comes to persuading consumers to feel and act in certain ways?...

By Leigh Crymble 18 Apr 2019

Potayto, Potarto: How this Super Bowl ad changed how I see marketing

Even if you don't follow American Football, if you're interested in marketing, communications and/or advertising, come Super Bowl night you're probably also glued to your twitter feed, waiting for the ‘next big ad'...

By Leigh Crymble 17 Feb 2017

Why I'm #TeamOxfordComma

"Who gives a f*&% about an Oxford comma?" asks indie pop band Vampire Weekend in their hit song, "Oxford Comma". Quite a few people, it seems. This was evident a few years back when news broke that the University of...

By Leigh Crymble 19 Sep 2014

Damn you and the apostrophe you rode in on

A few weeks back I had a slight altercation with a colleague. We work in publishing together and write content for our clients on a daily basis. The gripe was over (and when is it not?) a missing apostrophe that I was adamant needed to be there.

By Leigh Crymble 26 Jul 2013

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