Keenan Bouwer

Digital strategist at Hells Bells Digital
Location:South Africa


I have a strong base in marketing and I believe in focused strategies that bring brands to their relevant audiences. Audiences are not broad and undefined as in the past, we are now in the future. Audiences have become segmented and crave meaningful content, thus I help to establish strategies that talk to sectioned audiences within a larger market.
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Conversational marketing and the use of the chat tool in South Africa

Over the past few months, I have visited countless local websites that are implementing chats as a means to generate their leads. This is great when done correctly, but sadly in most cases, the apple seems to have fallen very far from the tree...

By Keenan Bouwer 2 Jul 2019

Presentations: The marketing factor

Have you ever sat in a presentation or pitch wishing it would be over? The answer that I believe 99.9% of people will reply with is a resounding YES...

By Keenan Bouwer 21 Sep 2018

Website automation: The beginning of the end?

In today's world, everyone needs an online presence for their company or brand, for those that say otherwise I say good luck to you...

By Keenan Bouwer 13 Sep 2018

Influencers: Dead or alive?

Currently, there is a lot of talk about influencers and their effect on the consumer audience and whether or not they are still a relevant option as a marketing tool to market to specific audiences. Is the influencer a dying breed or are brands either overusing or generalising the influencer?

By Keenan Bouwer 6 Sep 2018

Client leadership: Partnerships and comms

As long as there has been marketing, there have been boardroom wars! These battles take place due to different ideas coming from different people who all want to be heard. How do we as marketers settle these disputes and take our clients into the realm of success you ask. The answer is one word, leadership...

By Keenan Bouwer 29 Aug 2018

Agencies and brands: Battle for the market

Brand clutter is fast becoming the biggest challenge and barrier to revenue for many businesses both locally and internationally...

By Keenan Bouwer 23 Aug 2018

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