Julia Ahlfeldt

Certified Customer Experience Professional
Location:South Africa


Julia Ahlfeldt is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP). She consults to blue-chips and multi-nationals and advises them how to retain relevance and increase profits by transitioning from inwardly focused silos to being dynamic and customer-centric. She has worked with Virgin Active, Momentum, ABSA, American Express (USA), Ross Stores (USA) and JP Morgan Chase (USA), among others.
Retail and etail to work as a team not the opposition

In South Africa, going to a mall is part of our culture - particularly in Johannesburg where there seems to be a mall on every street corner. Malls entertain visitors with restaurants and coffee shops...

By Julia Ahlfeldt 23 Oct 2018

Mitigate market disruption by maximising customer experience

As industries across the board find themselves having to transform to keep up with a digital economy, customer experience (CX) is playing a significant role in providing businesses with opportunities for innovation and sustainability...

By Julia Ahlfeldt 11 Sep 2017

Are consumers checking out of traditional retail?

Poor performance over the festive season suggests shoppers are spending elsewhere...

By Julia Ahlfeldt 26 Jan 2017

Business 2020: It's not about you, it's about them

If 2016 taught us anything it is that it is essential to fully understand who your customers - or target audiences - are. The shock Brexit and USA election outcomes are both cases in point...

By Julia Ahlfeldt 7 Dec 2016

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