Greg Chen is the CEO and co-founder of Mobiz. He has a long history in the South African mobile space and is passionate about the role technology can play in engaging the country's people across the spectrum.
5 marketing tech trends to watch in 2021

As technology evolves and data sets grow, marketing is changing, adapting and in some cases becoming automated...

By Greg Chen 4 Mar 2021

How to drive sales with customer-unique content

A unique customer experience has fast become a top priority for businesses, and 2021 will be no different. Customers no longer base their loyalty on price or product. Instead, they stay loyal with companies due to their experience...

By Greg Chen 9 Feb 2021

Why SMS beats email in the current climate of crisis

In a time of email fatigue, as we are bombarded by Covid-19 corporate messaging, communicating with customers via SMS can be far more effective...

By Greg Chen 28 May 2020

Customer communication is always vital, Covid-19 makes it even more so

As the world starts to emerge from under the shadow of Covid-19 and economic activity resumes at a meaningful level, a few things will set the companies apart that survive and go on to thrive from those that don't...

By Greg Chen 8 May 2020

Addressing data inequality could help solve the unemployment crisis

No one but the most willfully ignorant would argue with the fact that South Africa is in the midst of a major employment crisis...

By Greg Chen 5 Nov 2019

Brand recognition is vital to success: SMS can help small businesses build it

Smaller businesses face numerous obstacles when it comes to surviving. One of the biggest of those obstacles is brand recognition...

By Greg Chen 10 Oct 2019

Why making mobile data cheaper is vital to kickstarting startup sector

It's a widely acknowledged truth that if South Africa is to escape the economic morass it finds itself in, it needs to provide as much support to SMEs as possible...

By Greg Chen 13 Sep 2019

Here's what SMEs need to know about using their customer communication channels effectively

There are a few basic things every business can do to ensure that its communication strategy is as effective as possible...

By Greg Chen 2 Aug 2019

Easing the mobile data burden

After years of waiting, South Africans have been promised relief from high mobile data charges...

By Greg Chen 15 Jul 2019

6 pivotal moments in mobile marketing

Mobiz CEO Greg Chen looks at some of the pivotal moments in South African mobile marketing history...

By Greg Chen 2 Jul 2019

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