Dale Ferreira

Managing Director at Sconetent
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Sconetent is a digital agency that looks to partner with the best possible clients to aid them in developing a strategic message that is delivered to the correct audience at the right time.

Current employment

Managing Director and Founder
Sconetent - www.sconetent.com
Present - Cape Town
2019 Content trends

Dale Ferreira from Sconetent shares his top content trends for 2019...

By Dale Ferreira 13 Dec 2018

Social media trends 2018

Dale Ferreira selects his top social media trends for the upcoming year...

By Dale Ferreira 6 Dec 2017

The ‘Write' Emotion

There are four core human emotions that make us want to talk in the social space, and every piece of content we create needs to be aimed at one of these...

By Dale Ferreira 4 Oct 2017

The new normal

I continue in my search around the ego in advertising and start exploring the concept of the new normal...

By Dale Ferreira 18 Jul 2017

Exploring the ego in advertising

I love advertising. I'm not talking digital, above-the-line or direct marketing. I'm not talking about Maslow, about the human condition or the Zero Moment of Truth. I'm talking about the act of telling a story, the act of creating something meaningful. Marketing a product to someone so well that they're willing to part with money they've earned from hard work or stealing...

By Dale Ferreira 28 Jun 2017

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