Craig Johnston is the marketing manager at Seidor Bluekey and has been in the marketing industry for almost a decade. With vast experience in marketing strategy and campaign execution, he has developed a solid foundation in both traditional and digital marketing.
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Micro-moments, context and connectivity

One of the breakthrough technologies of the fourth industrial revolution is machine learning...

By Craig Johnston 13 Mar 2019

The danger of big data without context

Craig Johnston, marketing manager at Seidor Bluekey, says that data and knowledge are not the same thing...

By Craig Johnston 13 Feb 2019

RPA, the ghost in the ERP machine

Craig Johnston takes a look at business automation and the potential power of combining RPA and ERP...

By Craig Johnston 29 Jan 2019

AI: From origin to extinction

Is Artificial Intelligence just a rather very intelligent system?

By Craig Johnston 20 Nov 2018

How SA's electronics industry can stay current

The global marketplace is dominated by constant innovations in technology, business processes, and business management systems...

By Craig Johnston 23 Apr 2018

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