Chiara Di Rago

Influencer relations and social media marketing at Webfluential
Location:South Africa


Chiara Di Rago is leading the industry when it comes to influencer marketing and how best to utilise new platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. Utilising her BA in Strategic Communications, 22 year old Di Rago has carved out a position as thought leader in the "new" social space. After a short internship at influencer marketing platform Webfluential, she was offered a full time position handling influencer relations and social media marketing.
How can brands overcome ad blocking software?

As our lives became more digitalised there were more opportunities for brands and marketers to connect with consumers and send out advertising messages...

By Chiara Di Rago 25 Nov 2016

What does the future of influencer content look like?

While blogs remain a popular channel for brands to promote their brands through influencers, according to Google Trends, in 2016 the term "YouTubers" has sparked more interest than "Bloggers"...

By Chiara Di Rago 3 Nov 2016

Why YouTubers should consider collaborating with influencer marketing platforms

I recently read an article that explained how 41% of people between the ages of 18 to 29 are using AdBlock Plus - an application that allows people to block online adverts...

By Chiara Di Rago 19 Jul 2016

Influencers are impacting the purchasing decisions of consumers more than ever before

Through influencer marketing, brands are able to connect with the right target audiences in a much more organic way...

By Chiara Di Rago 13 Jun 2016

Influencer marketing: Why you should care!

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful ways to share your brand's message, by using people who your audience already trust: individuals with immense personal reach and reader engagement...

By Chiara Di Rago 20 May 2016

Our limited attention spans consuming unlimited content

It has been said that the average person loses interest/attention after only 6 seconds into a video...

By Chiara Di Rago 12 May 2016

This cat could make more money from one tweet than you do at your day job

With 320 million active users and 1 billion+ unique visitors each month, Twitter falls second only to Facebook which is the most popular social network currently...

By Chiara Di Rago 19 Apr 2016

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